Cristiano Ronaldo Naked! Bonus: Top 10 Gay Celebrities

Cristiano Ronaldo Naked shirtless gay cock dick penis

Check out Cristiano Ronaldo naked gay sex photos & top 10 gay celebrities 2020! Sometimes they come out late. Sometimes they don’t come out at all, but the evidence is there, at least enough of it to raise the occasional eyebrow. See if your pin-up boy is on our list of gay celebrities – you never know.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Gay?

Cristiano Ronaldo gay boyfriend

Cristiano Ronaldo gay purse

Cristiano-Ronaldo gay rihanna paris hilton homosexual

For many single women (and some men), the Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo naked is a living fantasy, but now he is accused of being homosexual!

Cristiano has never been linked to any report where he would be dating a gay guy. Rihanna met with Ronaldo in 2012. Later on she has denied any relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview. She responds when asked about a possible relationship with Cristiano: “I have many gay friends and I support sexual diversity!” singer said.

What could make Rihanna think that Cristiano Ronaldo might be homosexual? Probably cause Rihanna was unable to put Cristiano in her bed.

Also Paris Hilton said that she didn’t feel atracted by the Real Madrid footballer, because “Ronaldo is too gay for me”.

Below, you may enjoy some photos, that help those gossip rumors stating that Cristiano Ronaldo naked photos are the hottest gay sex porn stars!

Bonus! Cristiano Ronaldo Naked – Nude Gay Sex Photos

Cristiano Ronaldo Naked shirtless gay cock dick penis

ronaldo naked cristiano ronaldo beach

John Travolta

John Travolta so gay actor woman

John Travolta gay kissing

John Travolta young gay gif

John Travolta gay dancing gif

He’s always got a wife of some sort, but there are rumours that like Cruise, he ‘recruits’ in order to scotch rumours. There’s talk of producers budgeting for gay escorts whenever Travolta plays a movie role – well, keep the lad happy!

What’s the point of being a star if you can’t have your perks! If he has a massage, he does expect it to finish off nicely, and of course, we all know what sex he prefers when it comes to a massage – or should that be ‘when he comes’…. In 2013, a number of men alleged that Travolta had molested them. Come on John, play nicely!


Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey gay gif great

Kevin Spacey gay gif

Kevin Spacey and naked guy ass

Kevin Spacey and John Travolta are gay

Sometimes, it’s a matter of protesting too much without saying anything much. Rumours about Kevin’s sexuality have been circulating for years. Journalists, co-stars and forums have been saying he’s gay for years, and now rumours about his ‘meanness’ towards his young male hook-ups are surfacing.

One young man describes him as a ‘sexual predator’ – that doesn’t sound too bad until he mentions ‘creepiness’ and a drug habit. There’s even a phot of him getting a nice handful of (male) ass. Kevin won’t confirm or deny the rumours. Come on, Kevin, get over yourself already and come out!

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias gay with his boyfriend BF

Enrique Iglesias gay drag queen

Enrique Iglesias gay gif

Enrique Iglesias gay porn naked

Many Iglesias fans insist that he’s definitely not gay – after all, there’s the highly publicised relationship with the female tennis player to consider, BUT… He’s hardly ever seen out and about with her. To crown it all, there are rumours that she’s gay – could their relationship be a cover-up to ‘protect’ their public images?

To add fuel to the fire, Iglesias has admitted that he envies the freewheeling lifestyle of his gay friends and says he likes kissing guys. He even pulled a gay fan on stage at a concert and sang him a love song.

Unfortunately, Enrique is very secretive and private. We don’t know what he’s hiding, but we hope that this particular hunk really is as gay as we think he is.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise gay porn naked cock dick

Tom Cruise gay with him boyfriend Davd Beckham BF

Tom Cruise crying gay gif animated

It’s not just that he’s so pretty. Switch on your gaydar, and Tom’sone of the first gay celebrities you’ll think of that just hasn’t come out. Sure, he’s been married a few times, but his ex-wives claim that there was ‘very little’ sex in their relationships with him. Now, that doesn’t really sound like he’s bisexual so much as gay. There are even rumours that the church of scientology put out a ‘casting call’ for potential Mrs Cruises in order to cover up the fact that he’s gay and that Katie Holmes was the lucky winner. It is said that the ‘contract’ was worth $2 million.

A forum poster claims to have slept with Cruise and predicted a relatively short marriage. Then there’s the shut-up money he paid over to a gay porn producer and the lawsuit against the publisher who had footage of him having sex with an unnamed man. Yes, sure, Cruise is straight! When will the world (and Cruise) grow up? Gay is ok!

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – Gay Celebrities 2020

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck kissing gay couple award oscar

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck gay couple

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck - Gay Celebrities

They’re so cute together – and they spend a lot of time together too. Small wonder that everyone knows the pair are a couple – they’re just not admitting it! There’s a story that Gwyneth Paltrow surprised them while kissing and that she blackmailed Ben into dating her in exchange for a promise of silence.

Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe gay swimming pool boyfriend

Jesse Metcalfe gay naked running

It’s not a new rumour. Some say he’s gay, others say he’s bi, and just about no-one thinks he’s straight. Metcalfe says the rumours are ‘annoying’, but they won’t go away. The 2005 visit to Australia wasn’t much help.

He brought along a rather hunky companion, and the two were seen out and about doing the kind of things that very, very, very close friends do. Jesse Metcalfe has a girlfriend, but she’s a public relations professional. Coincidence? We don’t think so. In the LA club scene, he’s known to prefer gay clubs when he spends a night on the town.

George Clooney

George Clooney gay kissing

George Clooney gay tan yacht naked

George Clooney gay gif

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. After all, George and Mark Wahlberg used to stick together like glue. It wasn’t just friendship. Mark makes so much of a point of sounding like a heterosexual family man that it’s enough cause for suspicion. The two were accustomed to sharing hotel rooms. Like they needed to go for the reduced cost of a per person sharing package!

Wahlberg is quoted as saying he was Clooney’s bitch, but that’s a thing of the past. When Esquire magazine wrote that Clooney was gay, gay, gay – he quipped: ‘I’m gay, gay – the third gay is pushing the envelope’.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel hidden gay

Vin Diesel gay celebrities

Vin Diesel gay naked photo magazine body

Vin is kinda hot. Straights want him to be straight and gays want him to be gay – so what is his orientation? Vin’s not telling, but his history of ‘dating’ gay women should raise an eyebrow or two. What’s more, there’s no denying that Diesel has a sensitive side that’s curiously at odds with his image.

Of course, there are forums in which men say that they’ve slept with him, and he talks about dating ‘people’ rather than ‘women. What’s your take on the muscle man?

Will Smith

Will Smith gay kissing boyfriend BF prostitutes male

Will Smith gay animated gif

Will Smith Tom Cruise gay couple

Will is known to frequent gay clubs – and he’s a snappy dresser. Not enough evidence? There are rumours that his marriage like Travolta’s and Cruise’s is a farce. He’s got more in common with them than just that: he’s also a scientologist, and scientology claims that it can ‘cure gayness’.

Obviously, it can’t, but that’s just one more reason to cover up the existence of gay celebrities by making them look straight. Will’s a nice guy, and he is outspoken about gay rights.

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15 Shocking Gay Facts + Bonus! Kinsey Scale of Sexual Orientation


There are lots of strange fictions about homosexuality, but truth is often stranger than fiction. Explore these 15 little-known gay facts and be surprised!

1. The most shocking gay fact. How promiscuous are gay guys really?

How promiscuous are gay guys really?

Did you know that the average gay guy has 12 times more partners than his straight counterparts? A 2007 study conducted in the US and the EU found that the average gay guy may have as many as 280 partners during his lifetime. If you were to line them up side by side, they would fill the perimeter of a Olympic swimming pool!

It’s not so much a case of ‘Raining men’ as swimming in them! In case you’re feeling sorry for the guys who went through so many relationships, you can relax – most of these partners were casual partners. The survey respondents said the only time they ever saw them was during sex. You may well wonder if the face is the part that may be recognised should they ever meet again.

2. Homosexuality is commoner in nature than it is among human beings

Homosexuality is commoner in nature than it is among human beings

Did you know that one in four black swan pairings consist of homosexual male swans? They might form a ménage a trois with a female, but once she lays an egg, the boys drive her away and raise the offspring themselves. There are several other examples of homosexuality in the birding world, but birds are rather camp to begin with.

What about other animals? Homosexuality is common in dolphins, and giraffes are particularly keen. Male giraffes mount other males more often than they mate with females. Now we can laugh at anyone who says homosexuality is ‘unnatural’!

3. Boys raised in a ‘girly’ way

Faffafina Boys raised in a ‘girly’ way faffina

In Samoa, certain boy children are raised to behave like girls. They are called ‘faffina’, and they wear dresses and make up and don’t undertake ‘manly’ chores. During the day, they help around the house, look after children – and then they go to work – acting as male prostitutes for otherwise ‘heterosexual’ men.

Samoans see this as a practical arrangement: the boy’s client isn’t cheating on his wife because his sexual partner isn’t female. It’s nothing personal – just a bit of sex. This is considered perfectly normal in Samoa.

4. Being gay used to be illegal when?

Being gay used to be illegal when?

Far from being something that belongs to medieval history and 3rd world countries, legislation against homosexuality in many 1st world countries was only repealed in the nineteenth or twentieth century. For example homosexuality in England and Wales carried the death penalty until as late as 1861 and in soviet times, homosexual men could be sentenced to five years in prison. This law was only repealed in 1993.

The US may have an even worse record: it was only in 2003 that the Supreme Court ruled that state anti-sodomy laws were unconstitutional if applied to consenting adults. By contrast, Sweden was ahead of the game, legalising homosexuality in 1944 after a man called in sick for work and stating the reason to be ‘homosexuality’ in protest against the classification of homosexuality as a disease.

Darn! Now you can’t call in sick on the same grounds any more – sorry! It would be a nice way of getting some extra time off!

5. What about the way men hold hands in some Eastern countries?

What about the way men hold hands in some Eastern countries?

If you visit certain countries, you’ll often see men holding hands in public. Even police officers can be seen on patrol gaily holding another policeman’s hand. In Turkey, Nepal and India, holding hands just means you’re buddies. Cops holding hands are just good work buddies. Now you know!

6. Aggressive homophobes may well be closet gays

Aggressive homophobes may well be closet gays

Freud and other famous thinkers in the field of psychology associated aggressive homophobia with latent homosexual tendencies. The fact that they are attracted to other men worries them, and they transform this into aggression. It’s probably not a good idea to tell them so, though.

7. Hitler was gay

Hitler was gay

No, it wasn’t the way he dressed, although it wouldn’t be out of place in a gay bar these days. It’s the eye-witness accounts and documentary evidence that suggest that Hitler may have been gay. German historian Lorar Mahtan reports that drastic steps were taken to keep Hitler’s homosexuality under wraps. After the age of 40, Hitler was impotent. Eva Braun is said to have remerged from their room on their wedding night with hands outstretched, indicating that nothing had happened.

However, years earlier there was a certain handsome sergeant who spent a lot of private time with the dictator… Female partners revealed that Hitler was a masochist and required torture to become aroused by a woman. Eva Braun said that he took revenge on the world for his small penis and his missing testicle. This didn’t stop the Nazi regime from sending gay men to concentration camps, where they wore a pink triangle as an identifier.

8. Roosevelt’s gay scandal

Roosevelt’s gay scandal

You may have difficulty in believing this, but Roosevelt actually organised an ‘undercover’ operation to entrap gay members of the military. Operatives were ordered to go ahead with oral sex, and they did just that. Not so ‘undercover’ as one might expect! This became known as the Newport scandal and may have spelled the end of FDR’s career, but he became ill, and it seems that all was forgiven and forgotten. Of course, FDR claimed that he didn’t know a thing about it.

9. George d’Anthes – Pushkin’s killer

George d’Anthes – Pushkin’s killer

French aristocrat Georges d’Anthes and his lover, the Dutch ambassador Jacob van Heeckeren had a long and intimate relationship. Van Heeckeren even adopted d’Anthes and during their long-standing relationship, much intimate correspondence which later fell into the hands of historians was exchanged. It is said that the flirtation with Pushkin’s wife and d’Anthes was simply a fabrication to draw attention away from their gay relationship. Sadly, it ended in tragedy with Pushkin challenging D’Anthes to a duel which resulted in Pushkin’s death.

10. Poppers – Gay drug

Poppers – Gay sex drug smelling

Amyl nitrate, also known as ‘poppers’ has long been regarded as a ‘gay drug’. Although it is not strictly speaking a drug and is legal, poppers relaxes the muscles, facilitating penetration and produces a state of mild euphoria that lasts for 2–3 minutes. Poppers is used to enhance the pleasure of anal sex and as a result, it earned its reputation as a ‘gay drug’.

11. Ivan the Terrible – having a terribly good time

Ivan the Terrible – having a terribly good time

During Ivan the Terrible’s reign, no-one bothered to conceal homosexual relationships. Russian courtiers openly had same-sex partners. ‘There is the gentleman’s wife, but he prefers his gay friend’ commented a British diplomat. Ivan himself was no slouch. He openly mocked the ladies and often entertained pretty boys in their houses.

12. Being gay as a special gift

Being gay as a special gift

In the ancient Celtic and Greek cultures, gay behaviour was viewed as evidence of masculinity and was highly respected. The ancient Greeks believed that sperm could transfer knowledge, so in most cases, an older man would choose a younger one as a ‘student’. In America, a Spanish explorer noted that certain American-Indian men dressed as women and performed ‘feminine’ tasks within their tribes. In some of these cultures, homosexuality is referred to as being ‘two spirited’ and these individuals were regarded as having special gifts. Many were chosen to become shamans and communicate with the spirit world on behalf of their tribes.

13. Being gay as something shocking or crazy

Being gay as something shocking or crazy

Same sex preferences have been recorded since the earliest times, sometimes it was accepted, sometimes it was regarded as a blessing and at others, a terrible abomination. The latter view persisted into modern times. In 1930, Hollywood banned references to homosexuality in films, terming it as a ‘perversion’. They were supported by the so called ‘Catholic League for Decency’ – presumably this was before the Catholic scandals involving children that we know of today surfaced! Nearly 100 years later, this outdated view persists in some individuals and groups. It was not until 1973 that the American Psychiatric Association conceded that being gay was not a mental disorder.

14. One of the oldest gay romances in history

Niankhkhnum Khnumhotep One of the oldest gay romances in history

In 2400 BC, a pair of male beauty therapists who worked for the pharaohs opted to be buried together as a married couple. The hieroglyphics in the tomb include a hybrid formed from a combination of the two men’s names and symbolising their union in life and in death. Aw! Sweet! We hope that they really did get to spend the afterlife together. Interestingly, one of the men was married, but his wife plays a minor role in the tomb decorations, with his lover taking over her role in many of the scenes. It seems that the ancient Egyptians could and did respect homosexuality.

15. Top vs Bottom

Gay Top vs Bottom Wanted Reward

According to research conducted at the University of Calargy, 68% of gay men were likely to assume the bottom (vers bttm) role, with only 32% assuming a top (vers top) role. However, other studies have attributes 8 : 2 (79% : 21%) ratio to bottom vs top role adoption.

BONUS: Kinsey scale of sexual orientation

15 Shocking Gay Facts & Kinsey Scale of Sexual Orientation

Exclusive heterosexuality – 62% of men

Predominantly heterosexual, single manifestation of homosexuality – 11%

Predominantly heterosexual, non-random manifestations of homosexuality – 6%

Equally marked hetero- and homosexual orientation (bisexual) – 4%

Overriding homosexuality, heterosexuality non-random manifestations – 5%

Overriding homosexuality, single manifestation of heterosexuality – 7%

Exclusive homosexuality – 6% of men

Asexuality – only 1 who I know :)

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10 Reliable Ways to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

You’d like to make it last, and maybe you’re already in love. How can you make your partner follow suit? Be warned! You may have to sacrifice a few principles, but as they say: ‘All’s fair in love and war’.

First, think it over. Do you really want to sacrifice your independence? If you’re sure you’d like it to be for keeps, here’s how to make Mr Right fall for you!

Let’s go!

1. Let him have his way

Men like to see themselves as leaders. Your partner would love to be the boss, and if you’re willing to let it go that way, you need only be submissive and agree admiringly to all his ideas. If this bothers you, just remind yourself why you’re doing it. You can always assert yourself later on!

2. Stay close. The 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule says that you’ll get 80% of results form 20% of your effort. Don’t be all over him like a bad rash, but make sure that the time he spends with you is pleasant – the time he likes best. Always be available, and then suddenly vanish for at least half a day and possibly more. When you resurface, you’ll be punished in delightful ways!

3. Take your time

If you’re really in love, you can afford to be patient. Don’t rush your partner, there is time enough for everything – including falling in love!

4. Just the right amount of admiration

You don’t want to embarrass him or make him think you’re laying it on a bit thick. Notice the things he likes most about himself whether it’s his looks or achievements in as genuine a way as possible. Everyone likes to feel admired! He’ll feel that you’re appreciative and supportive – just don’t overdo it so that you look insincere. Don’t forget to tell him how much you admire his intellect! Everyone wants to be thought smart.

5. Make friends with his friends

Friends can be a powerful force in your favour – or a powerful enemy. Keep them sweet. They’ll tell him how cool you are – and he might just find himself agreeing!

6. Create a common cause

Emphasize the fact that you guys are a team by asking him to help solve a simple problem or get him to help you organise a picnic or BBQ. Let him be the boss and make sure it turns into a pleasant experience that makes him think: ‘Gee, we’re a great team!’

7. Imitate his tastes

Don’t try and turn into him. Just share his interests and don’t grumble when he tunes in to his favourite TV series. Look for good things to say about the things he likes. If it’s at all possible, genuinely enter into his interests. Just don’t overdo it and turn into a ‘mini-me’!

8. Be passionate

In intimate moments, try to give your man as much pleasure as you can. The more passionate you are in bed, the more likely he’ll be to fall for you.

9. Respect his privacy

Clingy behaviour is just off-putting. Leave his phone alone. Don’t read his messages unless he asks you to. Resist the urge to be invasive or jealous about those elements of his life that are hidden from you. As you get closer, he’ll open up more, and if all goes well, there won’t be any secrets soon.

10. Sincerely enjoy your relationship

If you really love someone, you won’t feel the need to try and change them. That makes nagging and quarrelling unnecessary. If your past relationships have been like that, resist the temptation to spoil this relationship by being a troublesome partner. A peaceful, accepting home life with someone who respects and supports you is the first step towards a happy relationship. Be his greatest ally and soon you will be his true love.

PS: If you’re still looking for that perfect guy, read this article and find out where you should be looking!

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11 Proven Ways to Find the Guy of Your Dreams

+ Bonus! The easiest gay test

My best friend Max is 32. He’s never been alone for a single day. There’s always a guy beside him, and not just any guy! Tall handsome, athletic, upwardly-mobile and of course, sexy. All in all a prince among men.

To be honest, I’ve always envied how quickly and easily Max seems to hook up with these hunks. One day I asked him to share his secrets, but he laughed it off saying he didn’t need the competition. ‘Damn,’ I thought. ‘How can I find out?’

But I’ve always been smarter than Max. And one day, while he was asleep before his next hunt for a new prince, I hacked his profile on a dating site and learned all his secrets! Max, if you’re reading this, do not be offended.

But I’m going to tell all! Here goes:

1. The diamond in a pile of manure

If you want to find a perfect boyfriend, you have to date a lot! Do not wait until you are invited, take the initiative and go! Remember, laziness is the main enemy of your search! You will probably meet with at least 50 guys before you find someone worthwhile.

2. The rule of three meetings every day

Rain, snow and cold weather should not be a problem for you. When the weather is extreme, most guys will take a chance with a risky and courageous man. And it is exactly what we need. Right?

3. No TV! No series!

You have to spend at least 2 hours a day on dating sites! I recommend Badoo and PlanetRomeo.

4. Always see who is nearby. Download a mobile app

Every day you spend a bunch of time on the way to school or work. Leave the games and put that time to good use. Download an app for gay dating (Max enjoys Hornet and Hunters BBS – everything is clear and to the point). You’re going to see guys who are closest to your location – at work, at home or on the road. You never know what a simple trip for a cup of coffee might bring. Could it be that your perfect boyfriend suddenly passes by?

5. First date

On the first date, keep things positive. Nobody wants guys with problems. You have to smile, be happy and cheerful. And you must be a mystery. When a guy asks you about something, tell him he might hear your answer tomorrow. He’ll want to come back for more! I know it sounds silly, but that’s how it is.

6. Positioning. Have an intriguing story

When lovers first meet, there’s always a bit of embellishment involved. Perhaps later on, you fall in love, and then, your partner won’t care that you’re really rather ordinary. Highlight your strong points and the good things you’ve done. Tell stories that will highlight the qualities you’d like your prospective partner to see in you. Are you courageous? Tell a story about how you fearlessly protected a stranger from a gang of thugs.

Would you like to be seen as romantic? Talk about the time you took a former boyfriend for dinner on the riverbank and how your romantic gesture was spurned. Shed a tear if you like. Then move on.

Bonus! Casually say that you’re either doing sports (without being specific) or recently went to a gym. Who said that three wanks per day – is not a sport?

7. On the first date turn the conversation towards your date and listen intently

Find out more about your date. He will be flattered by your interest – and you will be able to gauge whether he will suit you.

8. Do not present yourself as a virgin and don’t let on if you whore

If you have not had sex for a year, do not talk about it. If your bed has played host to 100+ guys, keep quiet about it. Be non-committal about your sexual past. If you’re asked directly, say: “I’ve had a couple of guys, but not you!”

9. No compromises!

If you really want to find a certain kind of guy, never compromise. It’s a road to nowhere. It might last a few months, but you’re wasting your time and not creating the kind of relationship you dream of. As soon as you have to say ‘This or that is good about him BUT…’ the time has come to part ways.

10. Easy flirt

So, if all goes according to plan, this or next week you will have a potential candidate. You can sleep with him if it feels right, but don’t commit. Flirt, chat, but keep up the dating. Once you have a new date, it’s time to decide who you prefer.

11. The best part

Now that you have at least two potential candidates for the role of boyfriend, pull yourself together, put your emotions on hold and do a little evaluation. Use an A4 piece of paper and list your ratings for each guy. Rate them dispassionately on things like personality, how the sex was, how they look, anything that’s important to you. If you can’t make up your mind how to rate one of the guys, sleep on it. Review your sheets in the morning and make your decision.

Thank you, Max! And do not be offended – I did not tell anyone our most important secret. After all, we do not really need a competitor like you…

Bonus! The easiest gay test

Max and I worked together, and if I fancied some guy, Max would always be able to tell if he was gay or straight. Now I know how he did it: it’s so easy!

Max would play a little ‘association’ game. He’d take something like an email address or a company name and ask his ‘subject’ to associate a name with each letter of the word, calling out the letters one at a time.

If the guy responded with mostly female names, he was straight. The guys who gave him mostly male names were more likely to be gay. It gave as an excellent idea as to who might be interested and who wouldn’t!

Gay test #2

gay test what do you see - dancing

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Top 7 Gay Sex Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Bed

When you’ve been together for a few months, sex can become a little bit boring – we all know this. But if you make a little effort, there’s no reason why some of the spice can’t return. Here are some simple gay sex ideas you and your partner are going to love!

1. Make a home video

It’s a bit of a turn on when you know the camera is watching you, so why not make your own private porno with your lover. Tell him what you’re doing so that he is also inspired! You’ll find that both of you are suddenly full of surprises!

2. Have sex in an unusual place

In the car, in the elevator, in your neighbour’s room – what’s your fantasy? If extreme sex is not for you, you can have a great time in your own territory, but not in the bed. Try out the kitchen table, turn the bathroom into a scene of passion or see what it’s like on the washing machine. Just don’t forget to switch it off before you start!

3. Effervescent vitamin C. One of the most popular gay sex ideas!

One good turn deserves another. Before oral sex, offer your partner a nice effervescent pill to pop into your mouth. It’s good for you and it’s going to be great for your partner! The bubbles will make him feel like he’s in some kind of a sexy Jacuzzi. It’s so much fun and it’s very easy to do at home!

4. Sleep naked and cuddle as close as you can get

It is unlikely that he will be able to leave his sexual desires until morning. By the way, you don’t have to stop at cuddling either!

5. Water treatments

When your boyfriend is taking shower, just join in, without explaining anything. Just see what happens. It could be interesting. Offer to soap him down, you can linger where you please, after all!

6. Role playing & threesome

Share your sexual fantasies. Tell him yours and let him share his own. It will give you a good idea as to what roles excite him – and you can put on a costume or act in a different way, can’t you? Just remember, fantasies aren’t the same as reality, so don’t be offended by your partner’s dreams. If he dreams of a threesome – it’s for you to decide if you would go for it. Be honest with yourself, either you can’t face it or it’s going to be great! Try this app to turn your dreams into reality.

7. Try poppers & Cialis – one of the most powerful gay sex idea!

Poppers enhances the experience of anal sex thanks to its relaxing and euphoric properties. It’s not addictive or illegal and it can’t hurt you, but… Look, you just have to try it, right? Even straight people use it as a party booster! Also try Cialis – the most powerful sex pill which lasts up to 36 hours and you will want to have sex more often! Use our special coupon code GAY for -20% off your order!


My boyfriend and I may be getting on in years, but we still love sex. When he started having trouble maintaining his erection, it was a real blow to his confidence. He broached the subject with his doctor and Tadalafil was recommended. Well! I’m happy, he’s happy and if our neighbours knew what the nice old couple were up to at night, they’d be completely amazed. I know I was.


Feel free to tell us more gay sex ideal in comments!

Bonus: Enjoy this banned Super Bowl Viagra gay commercial

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Top 10 Gay Destinations 2019


Need a few LGBT-friendly destination ideas? Recent changes at these ten hottest places around the world have thrust them to the top 10 gay destinations 2019. Now let the planning begin!

UPDATE #11 Romantic Paris

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 Paris Raidd Bar Naked Gay

If you thought Paris stood only for straight romance, you should visit the Marais, a predominantly gay area in the heart of Paris where gay bars and clubs dominate the scene. Parisian couples of any orientation don’t hesitate to show affection on the streets, and if you’re in the mood for flirting, you’re sure to have a lot of ‘Ooh-la-la’ fun.

It’s a great place to visit at any time of the year, but June is the time for Gay Pride, and some really over-the-top antics spill out onto the streets as the lads strut their stuff. Paris is gay friendly from end to end, but the Marais is the place to go if you’re hoping to discover if French lovers are as hot as they’re supposed to be.

Get a trendy outfit that screams ‘Paris’, take in some arts and culture and then party the night away in one of the many gay-oriented establishments. You’re sure to have a ball! The shower show at Raidd bar is a MUST-SEE!

#10 Simple Kiev

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 Kiev

You can’t help noticing the positive energy in Kiev. It’s full of kind and friendly people – and ordinary guys who like to get acquainted with tourists – hopes of emigration are high!

In the afternoon you can sunbathe on the gay beach. Take an evening stroll along the banks of the Dnieper, and at night to go to the biggest gay club, Androgin. It’s famous for its excellent shows. And around 3am in the morning everyone moves closer to the city center to continue the party at a popular gay club called Andy Bar, which is located right on Khreschatyk. There you will find the most beautiful people, cheap cocktails and modern European music.

In this extraordinarily beautiful city, which is reminiscent of the great cities of Europe, you can feel like a king with as little as $100 in your pocket. A complete meal in “Puzata hata” will cost you $4-5, cappuccino – $1-2, but hotels in Kiev are very expensive. The best time to travel to Kiev is from early May to early November. Kiev is #10 in our top 10 gay destinations 2019.

P.S. On the way to the gay beach you will see the most brutal outdoor gym in the world – it is located directly under the open sky on the bank of the Dnieper. This huge gym is free, so there is always a crowd and there are plenty of trendy Ukrainian lads with perfect bodies!

#9 Muscular Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 Miami Fort Lauderdale

These two cities aren’t too far apart, and they both recognise the value of the gay tourism buck. Miami was always all about glam guys, parties, clubs and one of the best gay beaches in the world, but Fort Lauderdale has come a long way from its history as a ‘discreet’ gay destination for the middle-aged.

By the turn of the century, Fort Lauderdale had worked its way upscale, and now the two cities are fighting it out in an effort to glean the most gay tourists. One thing is for sure, you will be welcome! The party scene in Miami used to be unassailable, but Fort Lauderdale has rejuvenated itself with vibrant gay nightlife that should not be missed. They’re close together, so why not visit them yourself and decide which is the best place to let your hair down?

Don’t forget to spend some time on the 12th street beach eyeing out the bronzed hunks – and who knows? Maybe you’ll make a beach buddy!

#8 Prague – European Porn Capital

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 Prague

If you’re familiar with the work of BelAmi porn studio, then you can’t miss out on a visit to Prague. This city offers the most beautiful blond guys in the world!

The town is small, so young and beautiful Czechs are increasingly opting for work in the porn industry as a major source of income. For appearing in a movie, these tall blonds with their divine bodies earn a couple of thousand euros, which is twice as much as the average salary in the country. Don’t be surprised if the guy you meet at a club is a porn star with all the required attributes (appearance, size and charm).

P.S. I personally met two porn-star guys in Prague – one at the airport and the second at a club. I decided not to hook up, and now I kind of regret it.

#7 Gaming and Guys in Vegas

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 Las Vegas

Everyone thinks gambling when you say the word ‘Vegas’ but it’s also a premier destination for gay singles and couples. Just one look at the Cosmopolitan Casino tells you that this is one of the gayest places on earth with its pink neon signs and camp décor including a massive chandelier, but that’s just the beginning.

Remember the Motley Crue song ‘Girls, girls, girls’? Well, it might as well have been ‘Guys, guys, guys’. Take in some gorgeous cabaret acts with some of the hunkiest men you could ever hope to see. Are they straight? You might have fun finding out!

Whether or not you’re there with a partner try a massage at the Encore spa. If you’re with a lover, you’ll like the way they leave the two of you alone together with a hot tub afterwards. But don’t get so cosy and romantic that you don’t hit Share nightclub, Vegas’ coolest gay club or Snick’s bar, and if you’re on your own, those would be good places to start! Find some friends and maybe more.

#6 Moscow Never Sleeps

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 Moscow Russia

Let’s be honest. Moscow is world famous for its huge gay clubs such as Central Station stuffed with young guys around 20. Monobar is also a must-visit place. At 4am gay crowd moves to the after-party at Boyz club, which is open until 12 pm (!). Taxi drivers will take you there for $10. Sometimes just for a blowjob.

If you’re not up for a party on Friday or Saturday, Sunday is also fine. Head for the club ‘Propaganda’ for some red-hot house music. It’s full of guys who will drink and party till the small hours. You have to wonder how they’re going to cope with work on Monday morning!

The bright and noisy gay parties in Moscow somehow compensate for the greyness of the rather gloomy metropolis.

#5 Dirty Berlin

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 Berlin

Arriving in Berlin, you might think yourself in hell. Nothing is frivolous or pretty, everything is functional and to the point. Then you realise: this is the city to come to if you want dirty sex – and no-one is dirtier than the Germans.

In a small triangle between the streets Anzbahershtrasse, Kurfuerstenstrasse Motzstraße there are more than 60 fucking institutions, some of which operate on the model of “sex + alcohol” and consist only of the bar and a dark room (all inclusive – German style). The rest are more traditional bars and clubs, devoted to particular interest groups and fetishes.

In Berlin, you don’t have to beat around the bush for long. Just get down to the nitty-gritty. Most of the time, you will immediately be offered an opportunity to go and get down to business immediately. It’s a hell of a factory, but this type of sex tourism – let’s be frank – does not appeal to everyone.

#4 Passionate Istanbul

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 Istanbul

Istanbul is amazing. It is a huge metropolis, where poverty rubs shoulders with wealth, ease and luxury. The town, located both in Europe and in Asia (you have to draw the line somewhere), is world famous for shopping, sweets and of course, passionate guys who are happy to meet new friends on the street.

Despite the fact that Istanbul is home to a Muslim majority, gay life in Istanbul is diverse and colourful. There is also a gay sauna and specialised gay hotels. The biggest gay club in Istanbul is located right on the main street next to Taksim Square.

P.S. Every year Istanbul hosts a gay pride, but the hook up apps such as Grindr are blocked by Turkey’s law. Therefore, to get acquainted with the guys, you will either have to do so in person or by using other gay dating apps.

#3 Tolerant New York

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 New York City NYC

This city, with a population of 300,000 gays from all over the world, took the third place in our ranking. In 2014, the city took over from San Francisco to rank as the gay capital of America and became the most popular city in America for gay tourism.

New York offers a full and vibrant holiday: dozens of nightclubs with eccentric shows, excellent hotels and world-class service, concerts of world stars, shopping, as well as delicious, multi-ethnic and diverse cuisine.

Regular gay pride parades, legalized gay marriage, and a tolerant attitude towards gays residents attracts tourists from around the world. And this year, the city administration has even allocated $ 2 million on promoting New York as the best city for gay tourism.

#2 Depraved Bangkok

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 Bangkok Go Go Bar

Bangkok is deservedly known as a paradise for gay tourists. This colourful Asian city never sleeps – the day will find you shopping at the biggest markets in the world, and in the evening the doors of Babylon open. Visit the largest gay sauna in the world, located on 6 floors, and then head for the centre of gay nightlife in Bangkok – Silom.

Once there, you will find several gay streets on which there are gay clubs, shops, massage parlours, and dozens of go-go bars with shows in which absolutely naked guys do a variety of tricks, and sometimes have sex on stage. There is certainly a shortage of ‘angels’ in Bangkok. It’s a place to get down and dirty. Bangkok will give you unforgettable experiences and the only reason that it is ranked second, is that not everybody likes guys with an Asian appearance.

P.S. For a trip to Thailand residents of a large number of countries do not need a visa, and a return ticket can be found for bargain prices using our favourite app. The best time for tourism is from November to April.

#1 The Winner of Top 10 Gay Destinations 2019! Sunny Barcelona

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2020 Barcelona Matinee Circuit BCN

As you exit the airport you will see loving gay couples walking hand in hand. You are in Barcelona!

Passionate Spaniards, sexual language, beautiful sea and beaches, Gaudí’s masterpieces at every turn, delicious and inexpensive seafood, amazing and unforgettable nightlife, sauna Thermas, stuffed with muscular Brazilians… This city will not leave anyone indifferent!

Facts and places about the winner of our top 10 gay destinations 2019:

  • Barcelona is a city ruled by free sex and cheap cocaine;
  • Sunny weather all year round, even in winter;
  • Guys are nice, down-to-earth and happy to get acquainted with tourists;
  • Barcelona is one of the cheapest cities in Europe;
  • WOK Café offers an “all you can eat” seafood buffet for an for only 11 euros!
  • Mojito in most bars costs only 5 euros – an alcohol cocktail you will love!
  • Metro Disco gay club offers go-go boys dancing absolutely naked with an erection!
  • Prohibited drugs are sold openly on the streets;
  • Muscular Brazilians in Thermas sauna gladly accompany you for only 40 euros. Price/quality ratio – the best in the world!

P.S. Sitges, advertised as a gay city located 30 minutes from Barcelona, is not recommended. Despite the abundance of gay bars, hotels and clubs, you risk being the only young man among hungry European retirees.

Best Gay Travel Tips

Best Gay Travel Tips How Book Cheap Flight

  • The earlier you decide to buy a ticket, the cheaper it is. The cheapest flights are usually available 8 weeks prior to departure;
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  • Flights with departure in the early morning / late night are usually cheaper;
  • As a rule, long distance flights with a transfer are cheaper than a direct flight;
  • Try another nearby airport. For example, a ticket to Miami will cost you a whole lot less if you land in Fort Lauderdale which is just 40 miles from Miami. Bus from Fort Lauderdale to Miami is really cheap and the trip takes less than 30 minutes. If you fly with a friend, your savings are doubled!
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