7 Simple Gay Sex Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Bed

Top 7 Gay Sex Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend in Bed

When you’ve been together for a few months, sex can become a little bit boring – we all know this. But if you make a little effort, there’s no reason why some of the spice can’t return. Here are some simple gay sex ideas you and your partner are going to love!

1. Make a home video

It’s a bit of a turn on when you know the camera is watching you, so why not make your own private porno with your lover. Tell him what you’re doing so that he is also inspired! You’ll find that both of you are suddenly full of surprises!

2. Have sex in an unusual place

In the car, in the elevator, in your neighbour’s room – what’s your fantasy? If extreme sex is not for you, you can have a great time in your own territory, but not in the bed. Try out the kitchen table, turn the bathroom into a scene of passion or see what it’s like on the washing machine. Just don’t forget to switch it off before you start!

3. Effervescent vitamin C. One of the most popular gay sex ideas!

One good turn deserves another. Before oral sex, offer your partner a nice effervescent pill to pop into your mouth. It’s good for you and it’s going to be great for your partner! The bubbles will make him feel like he’s in some kind of a sexy Jacuzzi. It’s so much fun and it’s very easy to do at home!

4. Sleep naked and cuddle as close as you can get

It is unlikely that he will be able to leave his sexual desires until morning. By the way, you don’t have to stop at cuddling either!

5. Water treatments

When your boyfriend is taking shower, just join in, without explaining anything. Just see what happens. It could be interesting. Offer to soap him down, you can linger where you please, after all!

6. Role playing & threesome

Share your sexual fantasies. Tell him yours and let him share his own. It will give you a good idea as to what roles excite him – and you can put on a costume or act in a different way, can’t you? Just remember, fantasies aren’t the same as reality, so don’t be offended by your partner’s dreams. If he dreams of a threesome – it’s for you to decide if you would go for it. Be honest with yourself, either you can’t face it or it’s going to be great! Try this app to turn your dreams into reality.

7. Try poppers & Cialis – one of the most powerful gay sex idea!

Poppers enhances the experience of anal sex thanks to its relaxing and euphoric properties. It’s not addictive or illegal and it can’t hurt you, but… Look, you just have to try it, right? Even straight people use it as a party booster! Also try Cialis – the most powerful sex pill which lasts up to 36 hours and you will want to have sex more often! Use our special coupon code GAY for -20% off your order!


My boyfriend and I may be getting on in years, but we still love sex. When he started having trouble maintaining his erection, it was a real blow to his confidence. He broached the subject with his doctor and Tadalafil was recommended. Well! I’m happy, he’s happy and if our neighbours knew what the nice old couple were up to at night, they’d be completely amazed. I know I was.


Feel free to tell us more gay sex ideal in comments!

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