Top 10 Gay Celebrities 2015 & Naked Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Naked! Bonus: Top 10 Gay Celebrities

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Check out Cristiano Ronaldo naked gay sex photos & top 10 gay celebrities 2015! Sometimes they come out late. Sometimes they don’t come out at all, but the evidence is there, at least enough of it to raise the occasional eyebrow. See if your pin-up boy is on our list of gay celebrities – you never know.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Gay?

Cristiano Ronaldo gay boyfriend

Cristiano Ronaldo gay purse

Cristiano-Ronaldo gay rihanna paris hilton homosexual

For many single women (and some men), the Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo naked is a living fantasy, but now he is accused of being homosexual!

Cristiano has never been linked to any report where he would be dating a gay guy. Rihanna met with Ronaldo in 2012. Later on she has denied any relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview. She responds when asked about a possible relationship with Cristiano: “I have many gay friends and I support sexual diversity!” singer said.

What could make Rihanna think that Cristiano Ronaldo might be homosexual? Probably cause Rihanna was unable to put Cristiano in her bed.

Also Paris Hilton said that she didn’t feel atracted by the Real Madrid footballer, because “Ronaldo is too gay for me”.

Below, you may enjoy some photos, that help those gossip rumors stating that Cristiano Ronaldo naked photos are the hottest gay sex porn stars!

Bonus! Cristiano Ronaldo Naked – Nude Gay Sex Photos

Cristiano Ronaldo Naked shirtless gay cock dick penis

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John Travolta

John Travolta so gay actor woman

John Travolta gay kissing

John Travolta young gay gif

John Travolta gay dancing gif

He’s always got a wife of some sort, but there are rumours that like Cruise, he ‘recruits’ in order to scotch rumours. There’s talk of producers budgeting for gay escorts whenever Travolta plays a movie role – well, keep the lad happy!

What’s the point of being a star if you can’t have your perks! If he has a massage, he does expect it to finish off nicely, and of course, we all know what sex he prefers when it comes to a massage – or should that be ‘when he comes’…. In 2013, a number of men alleged that Travolta had molested them. Come on John, play nicely!


Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey gay gif great

Kevin Spacey gay gif

Kevin Spacey and naked guy ass

Kevin Spacey and John Travolta are gay

Sometimes, it’s a matter of protesting too much without saying anything much. Rumours about Kevin’s sexuality have been circulating for years. Journalists, co-stars and forums have been saying he’s gay for years, and now rumours about his ‘meanness’ towards his young male hook-ups are surfacing.

One young man describes him as a ‘sexual predator’ – that doesn’t sound too bad until he mentions ‘creepiness’ and a drug habit. There’s even a phot of him getting a nice handful of (male) ass. Kevin won’t confirm or deny the rumours. Come on, Kevin, get over yourself already and come out!

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias gay with his boyfriend BF

Enrique Iglesias gay drag queen

Enrique Iglesias gay gif

Enrique Iglesias gay porn naked

Many Iglesias fans insist that he’s definitely not gay – after all, there’s the highly publicised relationship with the female tennis player to consider, BUT… He’s hardly ever seen out and about with her. To crown it all, there are rumours that she’s gay – could their relationship be a cover-up to ‘protect’ their public images?

To add fuel to the fire, Iglesias has admitted that he envies the freewheeling lifestyle of his gay friends and says he likes kissing guys. He even pulled a gay fan on stage at a concert and sang him a love song.

Unfortunately, Enrique is very secretive and private. We don’t know what he’s hiding, but we hope that this particular hunk really is as gay as we think he is.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise gay porn naked cock dick

Tom Cruise gay with him boyfriend Davd Beckham BF

Tom Cruise crying gay gif animated

It’s not just that he’s so pretty. Switch on your gaydar, and Tom’sone of the first gay celebrities you’ll think of that just hasn’t come out. Sure, he’s been married a few times, but his ex-wives claim that there was ‘very little’ sex in their relationships with him. Now, that doesn’t really sound like he’s bisexual so much as gay. There are even rumours that the church of scientology put out a ‘casting call’ for potential Mrs Cruises in order to cover up the fact that he’s gay and that Katie Holmes was the lucky winner. It is said that the ‘contract’ was worth $2 million.

A forum poster claims to have slept with Cruise and predicted a relatively short marriage. Then there’s the shut-up money he paid over to a gay porn producer and the lawsuit against the publisher who had footage of him having sex with an unnamed man. Yes, sure, Cruise is straight! When will the world (and Cruise) grow up? Gay is ok!

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – Gay Celebrities 2015

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck kissing gay couple award oscar

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck gay couple

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck - Gay Celebrities

They’re so cute together – and they spend a lot of time together too. Small wonder that everyone knows the pair are a couple – they’re just not admitting it! There’s a story that Gwyneth Paltrow surprised them while kissing and that she blackmailed Ben into dating her in exchange for a promise of silence.

Jesse Metcalfe

Jesse Metcalfe gay swimming pool boyfriend

Jesse Metcalfe gay naked running

It’s not a new rumour. Some say he’s gay, others say he’s bi, and just about no-one thinks he’s straight. Metcalfe says the rumours are ‘annoying’, but they won’t go away. The 2005 visit to Australia wasn’t much help.

He brought along a rather hunky companion, and the two were seen out and about doing the kind of things that very, very, very close friends do. Jesse Metcalfe has a girlfriend, but she’s a public relations professional. Coincidence? We don’t think so. In the LA club scene, he’s known to prefer gay clubs when he spends a night on the town.

George Clooney

George Clooney gay kissing

George Clooney gay tan yacht naked

George Clooney gay gif

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. After all, George and Mark Wahlberg used to stick together like glue. It wasn’t just friendship. Mark makes so much of a point of sounding like a heterosexual family man that it’s enough cause for suspicion. The two were accustomed to sharing hotel rooms. Like they needed to go for the reduced cost of a per person sharing package!

Wahlberg is quoted as saying he was Clooney’s bitch, but that’s a thing of the past. When Esquire magazine wrote that Clooney was gay, gay, gay – he quipped: ‘I’m gay, gay – the third gay is pushing the envelope’.

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel hidden gay

Vin Diesel gay celebrities

Vin Diesel gay naked photo magazine body

Vin is kinda hot. Straights want him to be straight and gays want him to be gay – so what is his orientation? Vin’s not telling, but his history of ‘dating’ gay women should raise an eyebrow or two. What’s more, there’s no denying that Diesel has a sensitive side that’s curiously at odds with his image.

Of course, there are forums in which men say that they’ve slept with him, and he talks about dating ‘people’ rather than ‘women. What’s your take on the muscle man?

Will Smith

Will Smith gay kissing boyfriend BF prostitutes male

Will Smith gay animated gif

Will Smith Tom Cruise gay couple

Will is known to frequent gay clubs – and he’s a snappy dresser. Not enough evidence? There are rumours that his marriage like Travolta’s and Cruise’s is a farce. He’s got more in common with them than just that: he’s also a scientologist, and scientology claims that it can ‘cure gayness’.

Obviously, it can’t, but that’s just one more reason to cover up the existence of gay celebrities by making them look straight. Will’s a nice guy, and he is outspoken about gay rights.

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