Sildenafil vs Tadalafil Comparison Chart

Sildenafil vs Tadalafil comparison chart Рwhich is better?  Sildenafil has been used to sexually arouse individuals who have been rendered inactive pertaining to sex. It became a consumable drug in the 1998 and has been on the market since then. It is a drug that has for some unknown reasons been confused with being capable of treating impotence. The 25mg, 50mg and the 100mg are the three distinct sizes that one is likely to get on the market and they are always to be taken orally. Its colour is blue and is mainly produced by a US Company called Pfizer.

Tadalafil on the other hand is orange in colour and was publicly approved for general consumption in the year 2003. The main manufacturer is ICOS with its marketing by done by Eli Lilly. It is also an enhancement drug for sexual activity just like Sildenafil and though it was manufactured some years after Sildenafil had already been in existence, it is reputed for its capability to increase the sexual urge of any individual tremendously. Its main forms are the 5mg, 10mg and the 20mg tablets. Find out more in Sildenafil vs Tadalafil comparison chart.

Differences Between Sildenafil and Tadalafil

It takes a very short period of time and the individual becomes sexually sensitive when a tablet of Sildenafil is taken. It takes just 30 minutes and you are as active as you can ever imagine. That is however not so with Tadalafil as it takes a bit longer to kick start your sexual urge. Tadalafil takes either 45 minutes or more to get the human system ready for sex.

Sildenafil makes an individual active sexually for 4 maximum hours and then you are left as you were before. Tadalafil on the other hand, makes you active sexually for 36 maximum hours before bringing you down to earth.

Sildenafil does not work well when fatty foods are taken with them but Tadalafil however works well regardless of what food the individual has taken. Find out more in Sildenafil vs Tadalafil comparison chart.

Which Is Best to be Used on a Daily Basis? Sildenafil or Tadalafil

Sildenafil and Tadalafil though they both guarantee you the ability to perform in bed, Sildenafil only lasts for some few hours whilst Tadalafil can keep you going for as long as 36 solid hours. This is just testament to the fact that one pill of Tadalafil will be enough to get you in the mood every day of your life. Another important thing worthy of noting down is that it is always good to stick to the ‚ÄúA pill a day‚ÄĚ policy which governs the safe use of these drugs. With this each can be used on a daily basis but when prolonged sexual performance is what you want, then you should ensure that you do go in for Tadalafil.¬†Find out more in Sildenafil vs Tadalafil comparison chart.

Sildenafil vs Tadalafil With Alcohol

It is not yet proven that a small quantity can have any adverse effect on either Sildenafil or Tadalafil however, the excessive consumption of alcohol brings along the amplification of the various side effects of these two drugs. Aside the side effects being compounded, it will also slow down normal duration that it would have taken to get you aroused. Find out more in Sildenafil vs Tadalafil comparison chart.

Prices of Sildenafil and Tadalafil

The generic brands of either the Sildenafil and Tadalafil can both be obtained with just $0.59 and the highest that you are expected to pay is something not even up to $1.99

Testimonies of users of Sildenafil vs Tadalafil

I was surprised when my parcel arrived and they were just as I was promised and what Sildenafil pills gave me can only be experienced and not explained.

After deciding to finally go ahead with the purchase of Tadalafil drug, I was shocked with the results that I got and the people were also very helpful with all my enquiries.

I ordered it for my friend and the guys there were very supportive. It got my friend very excited.

Sildenafil and Tadalafil Without Prescription

You are always provided with services like having your money refunded to you fully, free shipping, quality drugs and the 100 pills or more will cost you just $99 when you shop from our online store. There are also no questions that will be asked about whether you have a prescription or not. Buy from us now and enjoy the moment.

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Tadalafil vs Sildenafil Comparison Chart

Tadalafil vs Sildenafil Comparison Chart

Tadalafil vs Sildenafil —Āomparison —Āhart – which is better? Tadalafil is a drug that is an orange coloured pill manufactured by ICOS and market mainly by Eli Lilly. It is a drug which has been on the market since the year 2003 and its main use is to see to it that those who are sexually inert are stimulated to be able to perform actively. It is a medication that is to be taken in through swallowing. It is a sexual stimulant that has been available in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg pills for people to buy and use.

Sildenafil is also a sexual stimulant which has been around since the year 1998 when it became legal to take it. Though the main purpose of it was somehow twisted by a number of individuals who thought that it was a drug that could cure them from impotency, it is a drug that stimulates an individual to become sexual active. With varying sizes like the 25mg, 50mg and the 100mg pills, each and every sexually inert individual can have one that perfectly provides him with the sexual drive that he so craves for. Find out more in Tadalafil vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

Differences That Exist Between Tadalafil vs Sildenafil

Tadalafil renders an individual active 45 minutes after the drug has been taken and it has the capability to sustain the sexual arousal of the individual for as long as 36 hours. Sildenafil however renders the individual active 30 minutes after it has been taken and it has the capability to sustain sexual urge in the person for close to four hours. Tadalafil therefore takes much longer to start working and it also lasts longer than Sildenafil.

The intake of fatty food substances with Sildenafil has been found out to reduce the effects and also increase the duration within which it begins to work. That is not the case with Tadalafil which works no matter what the individual has eaten. Find out more in Tadalafil vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

Best for Daily Usage

Tadalafil and Sildenafil are both drugs that are supposed to be taken on a daily basis however, a pill of Tadalafil is sufficient to take an individual through the whole day whilst Sildenafil can only guarantee you four hours of sexual sensitivity. This simply means that when you are in the mood to have sex for just some few hours a day then the Sildenafil is your best shot but if you are looking for a prolonged sexual activity through the whole day on a continuous basis then Tadalafil is your best shot. They are therefore both equally good to be used on a daily basis but it should be noted down that two or more pills of either Tadalafil or Sildenafil should never ever be taken by the individual.

Performance of Tadalafil vs Sildenafil When Alcohol Is Taken

Tadalafil vs Sildenafil Рwhich is better? The effects of Tadalafil are always minimized whenever alcohol is taken and also it takes more time than necessary to get the individual sexually prepared. That is exactly the same when it comes to drinking any alcoholic beverages whilst you have swallowed a pill of Sildenafil. They therefore do not perform to their best with the intake of alcohol. Find out more in Tadalafil vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

Price of Tadalafil vs Sildenafil

Each of these sexual stimulants are very costly to purchase from any of the drugs stores that you may come across in your vicinity but their generic brands are very cheap and starts from as low as $0.59 for a pill. Find out more in Tadalafil vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

User’s Testimonies & Reviews

Never done Tadalafil online purchasing before but was surprised to find out that I got exactly what I bargained for and it really got me ready too

Got the best results I could ever dream of with regards to my ability to perform exceptionally well in bed

Gave my friend the best surprise gift by ordering Sildenafil drug for him and he was very thankful too

Getting Either Tadalafil or Sildenafil Without Prescription

Tadalafil vs Sildenafil – which is better? There is nothing more difficult than trying to get either Tadalafil or Sildenafil from a local druggist without a prescription. This is however the direct opposite when you visit our online store as we do not ask any questions, we give you the best drugs on the market, the drugs are also shipped to you freely and buying of more than 100 pills qualifies you to pay just $99.

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Price of Generic Sovaldi in India

Sovaldi Hepatitis C

Sovaldi Sofosbuvir 400mg has been approved as the first ever drug for the treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C (CHC, hep C) that is both safe to use and highly effective as a cure. The treatment was developed by pharmaceutical company Gilead and was approved by in 2013. Price of generic Sovaldi in India is only $590. More details >>>


Buy Hepcinat Sofosbuvir 400mgGeneric Sovaldi Sofosbuvir 400mg

The process of developing, trialling and obtaining approval for new medications is an arduous one. As a result, pharmaceutical companies patent new drugs and attempt to cover the cost of their labours through patenting medications. There’s only one problem with this: the drugs are so wildly expensive that only the wealthiest can afford them.

This presents an ethical dilemma: should those who don’t have access to the necessary funds be denied treatments that could save their lives simply because they can’t afford them? This particular medication is so important, that manufacturers of generics in India are already making identical copies of Sovaldi making the price of generic Sovaldi in India much more accessible.

It would seem as though Gilead, the pharmaceutical firm that holds the patent for Sovaldi understand the need for the rapid licensing of the generic and approved their manufacture in March 2015.

Generic Hepcinat

Price of Sovaldi in the US

Although the price of generic Sovaldi in India is making it a viable treatment option for many Hepatitis C sufferers, patients in the US are still subject to extremely high prices. The cost of a 12 week course of Sovaldi is a staggering $84,000. That means that one single tablet carries a price-tag of $1,000.

Investigative journalists say that Gilead will recover their 411 billion research cost if 150,000 people are prescribed Sovaldi. If one takes into account the fact that 3 million US citizens suffer from Hepatitis C, it would seem that Gilead is planning to recover their costs very quickly and turn billions of dollars in profits for years to come.

Since Gilead will have to (and are already) allowing the developing world to manufacture Sovaldi at a much lower price, it would seem that US Hepatitis C patients will be footing the bill. There are already questions as to whether this cost will be subsidised and to what extent. What will happen if a patient needs to take a second course of Sovaldi? Will they receive any financial support for a drug that is so wildly expensive?

Price of Generic Sovaldi in India

By contrast the price of generic Sovaldi in India is only $590 for 28 tablets or $1,770 for a 12 week course. It’s still not cheap at $21 per tablet, but we’re looking at a price that’s 50 times cheaper than the price paid by US patients for a drug that is essentially identical. While it’s good to know that Gilead is ready to enter into agreements with manufacturers in India, allowing the price of Sovaldi in India to be so much cheaper, one has to wonder whether it really is necessary to charge so much for the drug in the US.

Generic Sovaldi Sofosbuvir 400mg. Buy Hepcinat Cost

Hepcinat in India

Conservative estimates indicate that there are around 12 million people who are suffering from Hepatitis C in India. Since there are usually no symptoms before the virus causes irreversible liver damage, the figure could be much higher. Sovaldi is now affordable and widely used as a Hepatitis C treatment in India since it is effective against all the genotypes of HCV.

Patients around the world are becoming aware of the low price of Sovaldi in India, and are horrified at the difference between the price they’re paying for US manufactured Sovaldi and the price of Sovaldi in India. The argument that it would be cheaper to go to India and stay there for the duration of the treatment has been raised on Forums. Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to go to such lengths. By using our online pharmacy who legally import drugs from Indian pharmaceutical companies, one can have access to the low price of Sovaldi in India.

Sovaldi Treatment Sofosbuvir 400mg

Sovaldi prevents the Hepatitis C virus from replicating itself, and in time, the virus dies out. However, it is not recommended for use without a second anti-viral agent. In general, it is used in conjunction with Ribavirin, but other combinations can be explored.

In many cases, all traces of Hepatitis C virus are eliminated in less than 12 weeks, but the three month treatment period is adopted to allow a margin of safety. Patients report mild to moderate side-effects, but say that these are tolerable and worth suffering in exchange for the complete cure that Sovaldi brings about.

Sovaldi Cure

The FDA are certainly impressed by the efficacy of Sovaldi as a cure for Chronic Hepatitis C. To date, no other agent has proved as effective in treating all the variants of the Hepatitis C virus. Before the advent of Sovaldi, complete cures were rare, and patients who had been pronounced as cured often suffered relapses.

Sovaldi & Hepcinat Sofosbuvir 400mg Manufacturer

Indian pharmaceutical companies have long been masters of the art of creating high quality generic medications at accessible prices. The active ingredients of the medications they produce are identical to the originals and the processes used are carried out in accordance with strict quality regulations. The price of Sovaldi in India undercuts the US price by a huge margin and yet the generic Sovaldi that they produce is identical in every respect to the patented treatment.

Sovaldi Availability in India

Owing to the large number of Hepatitis C sufferers in India and growing interest from abroad, Indian pharmaceuticals have prioritised the availability of Sovaldi from India. Because of patent regulations, they are unable to use the trade name ‚ÄėSovaldi‚Äô, but if you‚Äôre looking for its identical twin, you will find that Hepcinat is freely available.

Buy Hepcinat Sofosbuvir 400mg

Despite the fact that any fair-minded person respects Gilead’s efforts in discovering Sovaldi, one has to shudder at the price they are requiring people to pay for the privilege of a cure. As a result, increasing numbers of people are purchasing Hepcinat from India instead. The ingredients are the same, the Indian manufacturers are presumably making some profit from it, but the price difference is staggering. More details >>>

Hepcinat From India Generic Sovaldi

Cialis vs Vardenafil Comparison Chart

Cialis vs Vardenafil¬†‚Äď Which Is Better?

The best ED medicine is always the one that works better for you. The most popular choice is Cialis (Tadalafil), thereafter Viagra (Sildenafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil).

Generic Cialis vs Vardenafil

Cialis has for some time now been used in providing some form of potency to a sexually weak individual and it has been an FDA approved efficacy drug from the year 2003 up to date. It is a drug that is now sold to the general public through various sales points which got them from Eli Lilly the sole marketer of Cialis. It is made by ICOS which is a company based in the United States. Through the addition of some other minor ingredients to tadalafil, the Cialis drug is manufactured. There are various sizes of the Cialis pill with the smallest being 5mg and the biggest being 40mg and 60mg.

Vardenafil is in the same category as Cialis and its main purpose is for the provision of some form of sexual drive in an individual who has been identified to be sexually inactive. Vardenafil has been approved by the FDA meaning it is a drug that is totally harmless and therefore can be taken without any negative effects.

These two drugs were at first not in generic form and that made them very costly to acquire some years ago. However, the generic forms of both the Cialis and the Vardenafil are now available online and in some pharmacy shops. This has seen to the massive reduction in the prices of these drugs which have been sort for by a lot of individuals but were unable to get them because of the prices then. Find out more in Cialis vs Vardenafil comparison chart.

It should be well noted that none of these drugs acts as a way of preventing an individual from getting an STI or STD.

Differences Between Cialis vs Vardenafil

Whilst the onset of action of Cialis is 45 minutes, that of Vardenafil takes lesser than that by taking just 25 minutes as its duration of onset of action.

The period within which an individual can perform after taking Cialis is 36 solid hours whilst the period within which an individual can perform after taking Vardenafil is a maximum of five hours. This means that with Cialis, one’s ability to become sexually active is longer than with Vardenafil

Cialis is also known to work perfectly without any hindrances from the food that the person ate but Vardenafil becomes ineffective the moment the individual consumes plenty of fatty food substances. Find out more in Cialis vs Vardenafil comparison chart.

Cialis vs Vardenafil¬†‚ÄstWhich Is Best for Daily Use?

The taking of more than a pill of any of these performance enhancing drugs is very detrimental to the health of the individual and as such that should never be entertained at all. Based on this, it is very evident to see that Vardenafil falls short as it enhances the performance of the individual for 5 hours which happens to be just about a fifth of the day.

This means that more pills of Vardenafil will have to be consumed in one day. This is however not the case with Cialis which has the ability to enhance an individual’s sexual performance for almost 36 hours. This means that a pill a day will work best with Cialis than with Vardenafil.

Cialis vs Vardenafil and Alcohol

The reaction of each of these drugs to the intake of alcohol is that they all are unable to function properly if the individual takes in too much alcohol. But Levitra works well even after drinking moderate amounts of alcohol.

Cialis vs Vardenafil Dosage and Variations

The right dosage of both Cialis and Vardenafil are 20mg each. The 40mg may be introduced due to the individual who is going to take it.

Variations may exist in effects between these drugs as there are individual differences. Find out more in Cialis vs Vardenafil comparison chart.

Prices of Cialis vs Vardenafil

Brand Levitra $40 for a pill vs generic Levitra (Vardenafil) from $0.55 for a pill (97% lower than the brand drug)!

Brand Cialis $37 vs generic Cialis (Tadalafil) from $0.55 for a pill (98% lower than the brand drug)!

Cialis vs Vardenafil Reviews

I used this magic pill although brand version of Levitra a bit expensive and all what I can say is that it saved my marriage and gave me self confidence again.

Levitra worked a couple of times but does not work the third time. Now I’m going to try generic Cialis

I first took the 40mg Cialis tablet but could not bear the effects so I downgraded by dividing the 40mg into 2 and took one. It worked pretty well and the effects are not as unbearable as the 40mg.

Cialis vs Vardenafil Without Prescription

There are a number of online outlets where you can get any of these drugs and you won’t need a prescription form and the best place is with us as we provide you with a number of benefits when you order from us. Some of these include:

Cialis vs Vardenafil Online

It is far cheaper to purchase either the Cialis or Sildenafil online than when you get it from your local pharmacist.

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Cialis vs Sildenafil Comparison Chart

Cialis vs Sildenafil¬†‚Äď Which Is Better?

The best ED medicine is always the one that works better for you. The most popular choice is Cialis (Tadalafil), thereafter Viagra (Sildenafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil).

Generic Cialis vs Sildenafil

These are drugs that are known to be very effective and efficient in dealing with ED. They are well known for their ability to arouse some form of sexual sensitivity in an individual.

Cialis has been in existence on the market ever since the FDA approved it widespread manufacture and sale on November 21st, 2003. This is a drug which helps individuals who are impotent to have some amount of sensitivity when it comes to lovemaking. Tadalafil is the major component of the Cialis drug which has an orange colour. There are various sizes of the Cialis drugs with the smallest size being the 5mg and the biggest being 60mg. ICOS, a US-based company manufactures these drug and it is publicly sold by Eli Lilly. Find out more in Cialis vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

Sildenafil is also another erectile dysfunction drug that has been known to bring about some amount of sensitivity on the part of an individual who is sexually weak. Pfizer Manufacturing Company has since March 27th, 1998 been the sole manufacturers of this drug. This is a manufacturing company that is situated in the US. Sildenafil comes with a sea blue colour and it is shaped like a diamond. The sizes of Sildenafil vary from 25mg to 200mg.

Each of these drugs form of administration is through the mouth.

Differences Between Cialis vs Sildenafil

Cialis is a drug that lasts longer as it effects can last up to a maximum of 36 hours with that of Sildenafil taking only 4 hours for the effects to disappear.

Cialis takes close to 15-45 minutes in order to start working whilst that of Sildenafil takes close to 25 minutes. What this means is that Sildenafil takes a very short period of time for the individual to feel the effects whilst that of Cialis takes a lot of time in order to kick in.

Cialis can be taken with food and its effects will not in any way be reduced but taking in a lot of fatty foods when on Sildenafil can delay how fast it is supposed to take for you to be able to experience its effects.

Cialis vs Sildenafil¬†‚ÄstWhich Is Best for Daily Use?

It is a known fact that Sildenafil kicks in 25 minutes after taking it and wears off in four hours whilst Cialis takes 15-45 minutes to kick in and takes 36 hours to wear off. This means that if an individual decides to use Sildenafil on a daily basis, that person must be prepared to take around 4 pills within a day.

This is however a very dangerous thing to do as there are numerous negative impacts associated with even taking more than one pill a day. Cialis on the other hand lasts more than a day if a single pill is swallowed and therefore is the best when it comes to daily usage. This is even made more evidently clear by the NHS making provision for it to be given to people on a daily basis. Find out more in Cialis vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

Cialis vs Sildenafil and Alcohol

The taking of alcohol has been found out to render both Cialis and Sildenafil very ineffective when it is taken in large quantities. However, there is no proof that a small quantity of alcohol can have any effect on the two drugs but it is also appropriate that you do not take in alcohol so as to experience the full effects of the drugs. Alcohol should not be taken excessively when you are using any of these drugs as it will rather render the drugs powerless.

Cialis vs Sildenafil Dosage and Variations

The recommended dosage of Sildenafil is 100mg and this can either be upped to 150mg or downgraded to 50mg depending on who is taking it.

With Cialis, the recommended dosage is 20mg and this can also be upgraded to 40mg.

Variations may exist in effects between these drugs as there are individual differences. Find out more in Cialis vs Sildenafil comparison chart.

Prices of Cialis vs Sildenafil

Brand Viagra $25 for a pill vs generic Viagra (Sildenafil) from $0.55 for a pill (97% lower than the brand drug)!

Brand Cialis $37 vs generic Cialis (Tadalafil) from $0.55 for a pill (98% lower than the brand drug)!

Cialis vs Sildenafil Reviews

I am a veteran of the military who is thirty years of age. Prescription came in for my Sildenafil sent by the medical unit of the veteran affairs. It really did the job though I experienced some slight headache.

By dividing a 200mg into two 100mg tablets, I had my thing erect and it was very hard though it came with some effects. The 100mg seemed to work much better than the 50mg

I had side effects with Viagra, side effects with Levitra. I was starting to think the whole thing was a dead loss, but decided to give Tadalafil a try before giving up. I’m glad I did! No side effects and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Cialis vs Sildenafil Without Prescription

Money back, free express shipping worldwide, no prescription needed, the best quality drugs and get any 100 pills for only $99!

Cialis vs Sildenafil Online

It is far cheaper to purchase either the Cialis or Sildenafil online than when you get it from your local pharmacist.

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Levitra vs Viagra Comparison Chart

Levitra vs Viagra¬†‚Äď Which Is Better?

The best ED medicine is always the one that works better for you. The most popular choice is Cialis, thereafter Viagra and Levitra.

Generic Levitra vs Viagra

Viagra is an ED drug which is mainly used in helping men to become sexually sensitive in order to get involved with the process of lovemaking. Its FDA approval came in the year 1998 and it has been on the market up to date. The Pfizer Manufacturing Company which is the Company that makes Viagra uses Sildenafil to manufacture it.

Levitra also performs the same functions just like Viagra and Vardenafil is the main ingredient used in manufacturing it. Levitra came into existence on August 19th, 2003 when the FDA gave the Pfizer Manufacturing Company the green light to go on with producing the drugs on a large scale basis to be sold to the general public.

These drugs are known for their ability to make an individual become sensitive sexually. However, this should not be confused with the ability to cure impotence in an individual as that is not what these drugs do provide. Find out more in Levitra vs Viagra comparison chart.

Differences Between Levitra vs Viagra

These are two very similar drugs. They have a lot of similarities than differences. However, the main differences are;

Firstly, Viagra comes in sizes of 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg tablets whilst Levitra comes in sizes of 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 40mg and 60mg.

Secondly, it takes about 30 minutes for an individual to experience the Viagra taking effect whilst with Levitra all it takes is 25 minutes for an individual to experience the effects of it. This means that Levitra works a little bit faster than Viagra.

Furthermore, when Viagra is taken with any form of food its ability to take effect within the stipulated 30 minutes will be delayed meaning it will take longer than 30 minutes for an individual to feel its effects. That is however not the case with Levitra which can be taken with any type of food with the exception of fatty foods which when consumed in excess renders the drug ineffective. Find out more in Levitra vs Viagra comparison chart.

Last but not least, it takes up to four hours and that effects of Viagra are gone whilst the effects of Levitra will be off in approximately five hours. Levitra therefore lasts a bit longer than Viagra.

Levitra vs Viagra¬†‚ÄstWhich Is Best for Daily Use?

These are two drugs which are known to last for maximum of 4 hours to 5 hours and due to the fact that it is not safe to take more than one pill of these drugs a day, on which one can be used daily, both Viagra and Levitra do not qualify to be used daily.

Taking two or more pills of either Viagra or Levitra is very dangerous to any individual and so they are not good for daily usage.

Levitra vs Viagra and Alcohol

It is not sufficiently proven that taking a small quantity of alcohol can cause any side effects after taking any of these drugs. However, alcohol when taken in excess with any of these drugs leads to the drugs becoming less effective and efficient. It is therefore not appropriate to take alcohol in excess when taking any of these drugs. But Levitra works well even after drinking moderate amounts of alcohol. Find out more in Levitra vs Viagra comparison chart.

Levitra vs Viagra Dosage and Variations

The recommended dosage of Viagra is 100mg and this can either be upped to 150mg or downgraded to 50mg depending on who is taking it.

With Levitra, the recommended dosage is 20mg and this can also be upgraded to 40mg.

Variations may exist in effects between these drugs as there are individual differences.

Prices of Levitra vs Viagra

Brand Viagra $25 for a pill vs generic Viagra from $0.55 for a pill (97% lower than the brand drug)!

Brand Levitra $40 vs generic Levitra from $0.55 for a pill (98% lower than the brand drug)!

Levitra vs Viagra Reviews

I am 46 years of age and started experiencing ED some months back. However, after taking just a 20mg tablet of Levitra I was surprised at how long I lasted. It really works!

By taking Viagra tablet before sex, I have had numerous lasting sexual activities even though there are some effects but they are not that dangerous. Love it.

I always used Viagra, but I recently tried a generic brand and it worked just the same. It was also a lot cheaper, so I think I’m onto a good thing, here!

Levitra vs Viagra Without Prescription

If you are someone who does not want to go through the hassle of having to get a signed prescription form from a medical practitioner before being given such drugs then this is the best place to get it.

What we guarantee you include:

Levitra vs Viagra Online

There are currently a lot of Viagra and Levitra drugs online and each comes with its own prices. The price of Levitra and Viagra is something that can render an individual bankrupt and that is why the generics of these drugs have been made to make their prices very affordable for each and everyone.

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Cialis vs Viagra Comparison Chart

Cialis vs Viagra¬†‚Äď Which Is Better?

The best ED medicine is always the one that works better for you. The most popular choice is Cialis, thereafter Viagra and Levitra.

Generic Cialis vs Viagra

Cialis and Viagra are two drugs that are used in treating any sort of dysfunctions relating to the erection of the male reproductive organ.

Cialis is a drug that gained FDA approval on the 21st of November, 2003. It was to be used in the treating of any form of erectile dysfunction in males. Cialis is an erectile dysfunction treatment drug which is mainly made from tadalafil. This drug was manufactured by ICOS and the sale of this drug is done by Eli Lilly. The colour of Cialis is orange and it comes in three different doses namely; 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 40mg and 60mg. They are always in the form of a tablet which means that they are to be taken orally. Find out more in Cialis vs Viagra comparison chart.

On the other, Viagra is a drug that gained FDA approval on the 27th of March, 1998 and it was to be used in treating of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Sildenafil is used mainly in the manufacturing of the Viagra drug. It is manufactured by Pfizer Company which is based in the US. It is blue in colour and moulded in the shape of a round diamond. It comes in the form of 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg tablets. It is a drug which is to be administered orally.

Differences Between Cialis and Viagra

The differences between Cialis and Viagra are that:

On how long each drug will last, Cialis is ahead of Viagra as it can take almost 36 hours for its effects to wear of whilst the effects of Viagra lasts for only 4 hours.

Moreover, looking at how quick each of these drugs begins to take effect, Viagra acts quicker by taking up to 30 minutes after orally administering the drug whilst Cialis acts a bit slower by taking close to 15-45 after the administration of the drug. Find out more in Cialis vs Viagra comparison chart.

Cialis and Viagra¬†‚ÄstWhich Is Best for Daily Use?

Looking at the time that each of these drugs take in order to take effect and how long they each last, it is very evident that Cialis is the best erectile dysfunction drug which can be used on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that Cialis ensures that you get more time to enjoy making love and you do not have to worry about having to make love within a certain period of time. This cannot be said of Viagra which begins to take effect 30 minutes after taking it. With Viagra, you must make love within the time that it takes to wear off. This makes lovemaking to be less fun.

To further buttress the point that Cialis is best for daily use, Cialis has can now be obtained on NHS as a daily pill for treating erectile dysfunction. This means that it can be taken on a daily basis unlike Viagra which has to be taken only when you are about to make love.

Cialis vs Viagra and Alcohol

These two drugs are both known for their inability to perform when excessive quantities of alcohol are consumed. This leads to the nullification of the effects of the drugs. It is therefore advisable to make sure that alcohol is not consumed when any of these drugs are taken. Taking in alcohol will bring about the following side effects; nausea, feeling dizzy, vomiting, severe headache and indigestion.

Cialis vs Viagra Dosage and Variations

Standard dosage for a good erection is 100mg (Viagra) and 20mg (Cialis).

The effects of Cialis and Viagra may vary depending on the individual taking them. Find out more in Cialis vs Viagra comparison chart.

Prices of Cialis and Viagra

Brand Viagra $25 for a pill vs generic Viagra from $0.55 for a pill (97% lower than the brand drug)!

Brand Cialis $37 vs generic Cialis from $0.55 for a pill (98% lower than the brand drug)!

Cialis vs Viagra Reviews

For me, Tadalafil works really well after about 6 hours and just seems to keep on working after that it’s ok after an hour, but these days I time my dose according to the results I’ve had in the past.

I prefer to call when I have questions but to use online chat is also helpful. I have already purchased goods on-line from other companies but was scared to buy drugs. Who knows what they can put in the parcel? When my package arrived I could not understand what it was as it looked as a usual registered letter. When I opened it I was pleasantly surprised to see the drugs looking exactly the same as pictures at the website.

I always used Viagra, but I recently tried a generic brand and it worked just the same. It was also a lot cheaper, so I think I’m onto a good thing, here!

Despite this was my first on-line order and I hesitated for a long time before to pay by credit card through the site and get fake product in return, I took a risk and got what I wanted. It goes without saying that the product was genuine and arrived when I expected, they also kept me informed about the status of my order. I called them when I had doubts or questions and they did not leave any of them unanswered.

Cialis vs Viagra Without Prescription

In looking for any of these erectile dysfunction drugs online, you are most guaranteed of having the best services like:

Cialis vs Viagra Online

It is always cheaper to buy any of these drugs online as you get up to about 97% discounts when you compare the prices online to the prices from the pharmacy shops near you. There are various brands of generic Cialis and generic Viagra and these are listed¬†on product’s page.

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Cialis vs Levitra Comparison Chart

Cialis vs Levitra ‚Äď Which Is Better?

The best ED medicine is always the one that works better for you. The most popular choice is Cialis, thereafter Viagra and Levitra.

Generic Cialis vs Levitra

Generic Cialis is a drug that is known to help treat impotence in humans and it has been in existence since 2003 which happens to be the year that the FDA gave its approval for this drug to be sold. It is a drug which is manufactured in the US by a company called ICOS. This company uses tadalafil to manufacture Cialis and they are manufactured in a variety of milligrams. Cialis has been used to treat various forms of impotence and it is a well proven drug. Find out more in Cialis vs Levitra comparison chart.

Levitra on the other hand is also a drug used in handling all sorts of problems that are related to impotence. Its administration is strictly through the mouth or in other words oral administration. This is a drug which helps men who are weak sexually to have the chance to enhance their sexual strength in order to make love. However, Levitra should never ever be seen as a drug to treat you permanently from your impotence. It is just a drug that puts you in a better place to make love even in your condition. This drug is mainly manufactured by using the ingredient known as Vardenafil hydrochloride. The FDA on the 19th of August, 2003 gave the approval for the public sale of Levitra.

These drugs do not guarantee you protection from any sexually transmitted disease or infection like syphilis, gonorrhoea, HIV and others.

Differences Between Cialis and Levitra

In dealing with the differences between Cialis and Levitra, it is best to take a look at how long each of these drugs takes in order to completely get out of your system. With this, Cialis takes approximately thirty six solid hours to be out of your system. This is means that you get to experience 36 hours within which you can make love. Levitra is however not up there when it comes to how long it takes to leave your system. Levitra takes up to a maximum of 5 hours and it is completely out of your system for good. What this means is that with Cialis you have a maximum of 36 hours within which you can make love whilst with Levitra you have 5 hours.

Moreover, Cialis can work perfectly well no matter the type of food that you have taken in whilst Levitra becomes inefficient the moment you take in any type of food that is full of fat.

Also, the time taken by Cialis to begin taking effect is within 15-45 minutes and this duration is not affected by the type of food that you have eaten. However, Levitra takes up to 25 minutes before you start to experience its effects and this duration gets prolonged when you take in certain kinds of foods which are very high in fats.

Cialis and Levitra ‚ÄstWhich Is Best for Daily Use?

Levitra takes up to 5 hours and it is out of the man’s system. This means that if a man wants to be assured of being able to have make love the any time of the day continuously, he should take about five pills of Levitra a day. However, with a single pill of Cialis a day, a man is guaranteed of being capable of making love without any cause for alarm or having to take many pills. This therefore shows that on the basis of being best for daily usage, Cialis is more preferable than Levitra.

Cialis vs Levitra and Alcohol

Both the Cialis and Levitra are drugs which are rendered ineffective with the intake of large amounts of alcohol. Levitra works well even after drinking moderate amounts of alcohol. Find out more in Cialis vs Levitra comparison chart.

Cialis vs Levitra Dosage and Variations

Though there are various doses of Cialis and Levitra available however both these drugs have the same appropriate dose and these are 20 mg each but they can be increased to 40mg-60mg depending on the condition of the individual concerned.

The effects of Cialis and Levitra may vary depending on the individual taking them. Find out more in Cialis vs Levitra comparison chart.

Prices of Cialis and Levitra

Brand Levitra $40 for a pill vs generic Levitra from $0.55 for a pill (98% lower than the brand drug)!

Brand Cialis $37 vs generic Cialis from $0.55 for a pill (98% lower than the brand drug)!

Apart from the Cialis Jelly which is a sachet all the other brand prices are for a pill each.

Cialis vs Levitra Reviews

Fantastic! I couldn’t believe how hard I got. Highly recommended and didn’t give me any Cialis side effects to speak of.

29 is a very young age to experience erectile dysfunction, but then I’m a diabetic and that’s one of the problems that diabetics have. As you can imagine, I wasn’t too keen about having to live with ED at my age, but my doctor recommended Cialis, which is one of the brand names for Tadalafil. Let’s just say I’m MORE than happy!

Levitra worked miracles for me, but was costing me a bomb. Nowadays, I use the Vardenafil generics and they’re just as good. Save yourself a packet!

Cialis vs Levitra Without Prescription

Each or these drugs can now be obtained online without having to go through the rigorous prescription form things.

Cialis vs Levitra Online

However to get these drugs online and get it expressly shipped to you free of charge, get your money back if not satisfied with the results, be provided with the best of these drugs and to get any 100 pills and pay only $99 then you are advised to make that purchase from us as we guarantee all those things.

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Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra ‚Äď Which Is Better?

Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra ‚ÄstWhich Is Better?

If you‚Äôre considering the use of medications to combat erectile dysfunction, you will have heard of three major players on the market: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. How do they compare with one another? If you were to compare Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra¬†‚Äď which is better?¬†Would there be a clear ‚Äėwinner‚Äô in terms of efficacy, cost and so on? Let‚Äôs look at each of these in turn and then compare them.

Quick Answer: The Most Popular Choice Is Viagra, Thereafter Cialis and Levitra


All three of these drugs have similar side effects and a similar mode of action since they allow for relaxation of the veins supplying blood flow to the penis allowing for erections. Contrary to popular belief, they are not likely to increase arousal and do not result in spontaneous erections which could be inconvenient in certain situations. Although side effects such as headaches and flushing may occur with one medication, they will not necessarily occur if a medication with a different active ingredient is tried.

Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra Price & Comparison Chart

The best ED medicine is always the one that works better for you. People¬†aren’t all alike, that is why there are different kinds.

Brand NameViagraCialisLevitra
User ratingRated 4.4/5 based on 1,326 independent customer reviews taken by YotpoRated 4.9/5 based on 3,473 independent customer reviews taken by YotpoRated 4.7/5 based on 1,145 independent customer reviews taken by Yotpo
SuccessWorks for 83% of menWorks for 85% of menWorks for 92% of men
Active ingredientSildenafil CitrateTadalafilVardenafil
Generic namesMalegra, Eregra, Viprogra, Vectra, Edegra, Filagra, Lovegra, Nizagara, Silagra, Sildigra, Virecta, Vigora, Vistagra, Zenegra, etcApcalis, Erectafil, V-tada, Megalis, Tadacip, Tadalis, Tadadel, Tadarise, Tadaga, Tadagra, Tadapox, Tadasoft, Vidalista, etcZhewitra, Vilitra, Filitra, Lovevitra, Snovitra, Joyvitra, Viprofil, etc
DosageComes in 25, 50, 100 (standard), 150, and 200mgComes in 5, 10, 20 (standard), 40, and 60mgComes in 5, 10, 20 (standard), 40, and 60mg
Price (Brand, 10 tabs)$218‚Äď$320 ($25 per pill)$339‚Äď$401 ($37 per pill)$341‚Äď$450 ($40 per pill)
Price (Generic, 100 tabs)$99 ($0.99 per pill)$99 ($0.99 per pill)$99 ($0.99 per pill)
Price (Generic, 500 tabs)$399 ($0.79 per pill)$399 ($0.79 per pill)$399 ($0.79 per pill)
How does it work?PDE5 making muscle in the penis more likely to relax and allowing blood to flow in, causing an erectionPDE5 relaxes muscles and increases blood flow, allowing those suffering from ED to experience an erection during sexual stimulation onlyPDE5 making muscle in the penis more likely to relax and allowing blood to flow in, causing an erection
Normal (standard) dosage for a good erection100mg20mg20mg
Selling pointGood track record. Has been used by 20 million men worldwideThe Weekender ‚Äď patients do not have to time their sexual activity. Last up to 36 hoursWorks well even after drinking moderate amounts of alcohol. May work faster, on a full stomach, and for men for whom Viagra failed
EffectivenessHas been around much longer than other treatments (25 years), and has a proven track record for safety and success. Remains active for 5 to 5 1/2 hoursIdeal choice for men who are very sexually active. Effects can last up to 2 daysWorks better in hard-to-treat cases, such as men whose impotence is caused by diabetes. Remains active for 5 to 7 hours
PrescriptionNo prescription needed (online)No prescription needed (online)No prescription needed (online)
How fast does it work?Recent studies say it takes less than 40 minutes in most men. However, you may take Viagra between 25 minutes to 3 hours before sexual activity.Users are recommended to take Tadalafil at least 15 minutes to an hour prior to sexLevitra label says to take Vardenafil 60 minutes before sexual activity, but most men say it can work faster
How does it look?Viagra how does it lookCialis how does it lookLevitra how does it look
Consumption instructionsCan be taken with or without food. If you take Sildenafil Citrate pills after a fat meal (such as a hamburger and fries), it may take a little longer to start workingCan be taken with or without food. Taking the pills with greasy or fatty foods can also alter absorptionCan be taken with or without food. Users are advised to avoid eating grapefruit and drinking grapefruit juice, as they might alter how the drugs work
Half life4 hours18 hours4-5 hours
Side effectsThe most common side effects are mild and often manageable (average 11%). Facial flushing (reddening) 8%, vision changes 4%,
ringing in your ears 7%,
chest pain or heavy feeling 6%, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling <3%,
irregular heartbeat <1%,
swelling in your hands, ankles, or feet <0.5%
The most common side effects are mild and often manageable (average 6%). Facial flushing (reddening) 6%, headaches 3%. Tadalafil also may cause chest pain, low blood pressure, congestion, dizziness <1%.The most common side effects are mild and often manageable (average 7%). Facial flushing (reddening) 5%, headaches 2%, stomach upset, diarrhea, flu like symptoms and nausea <2%. Vardenafil also may cause chest pain, low blood pressure, blurred vision and changes in color vision, abnormal ejaculation and priapism (painful erection) <2%.


Viagra is the most well-known of these three drugs and has been on the market for more than fifteen years. As a result, a large body of information is available concerning how it works and what its side effects may be. It takes between half an hour and an hour to begin working and should be taken when the stomach is empty. The effects of the drug last for four to six hours depending on the individual’s metabolism. Viagra was introduced by pharmaceutical company Pfizer and it remained intellectual property until 2013 when the patent on this medication expired and various generics became available. The active ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate.


The primary difference between Levitra and Viagra is that Levitra is more effective when taken on a full stomach. It begins to work within a similar period, but is reported to remain effective for up to an hour longer. It is also said to be more effective in the treatment of diabetics with erectile dysfunction than Viagra. The active ingredient in Levitra is Vardenafil HCl. Depending on your circumstances, Levitra may be the winner of the Viagra vs Levitra debate.


Cialis has the longest period of activity and can last for up to 36 hours. However, if side effects are experienced, these will also last for a longer period. Cialis can be taken with food, but should not be used in conjunction with alcohol as alcohol may reduce its efficacy. The active ingredient is tadalafil and besides being used to treat erectile dysfunction, it is also used to treat patients suffering from an enlarged prostate.

Viagra vs Cialis

In the great Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra debate, factors such as affordability and efficacy should be taken into consideration. In terms of price, Cialis is generally more expensive than Viagra. Users say that Cialis is marginally quicker in taking effect than Viagra and has the advantage of working well when it is taken with food and usually still effective (although marginally less so) when combined with alcohol whereas Viagra is taken on an empty stomach and will not be effective if combined with alcohol.

Viagra has more positive reviews than Cialis, but it has also been on the market for a longer period of time. However Cialis works for a longer period of time. Most of the side effects are similar, but Viagra has an additional list of serious and possibly life-threatening side effects including a risk of heart attack. On the surface, Cialis would seem to be the better alternative, but each person reacts differently to various medications and it may be that you find either Viagra or Cialis more effective in your personal situation.

Viagra vs Levitra

Although these two drugs have different active ingredients, they are closely related. The way they work is very similar and the period of efficacy is also about the same. Levitra’s major advantage over Viagra is the fact that it can be used in combination with food, but it should not be used with alcohol. The list of side effects is also very similar, but that doesn’t mean that if one of these two did not work for you, the other may not prove to be effective.

Although the package insert for Levitra claims a longer period before it becomes effective, most patients who have tried both medications report that Levitra works faster than Viagra.

Cialis vs Levitra

On the surface, Cialis would seem to be a better option than Levitra if only because you can eat and drink what you like when using it and because it lasts for a longer period of time. However, the bottom line in the Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra debate is always going to be how well any of these drugs works in your individual situation and whether or not you experience any side effects as a result of its use.

So if Cialis doesn’t work for you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try Levitra or even Viagra to see if they work better in your individual case.

Viagra vs Cialis vs Levitra: Where Should You Start?

Consult your doctor or an online physician and bear in mind that you should disclose any medications you are already using in order to determine whether any of these pharmaceuticals would be contra-indicated in your case. Be open about any other health issues you may have for the same reason. Your online physician will recommend one of these medications. Although some men find their erectile dysfunction medication effective from the first dose, some may take longer to respond to the treatment.

You should not make a judgement call until you have used your medication for at least eight doses. If you experience side effects or do not find the medication effective, you can proceed with the next one on the list until you find an effective treatment. These three drugs are effective in up to 95% of cases, so giving all three a reasonable trial could lead you to an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Viagra price in Indian rupees (INR)

Viagra is a drug that was introduced on the market in 1998 for use in the treatment of angina. It is what is known as a phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor, a drug family designed to increase blood flow. Researchers discovered that other drugs already on the market performed better than Viagra. They also discovered that a side effect of Viagra was erections in men. After more research was conducted, it was marketed as an erectile dysfunction drug. To date, Viagra has become a popular drug that millions of men have used with good results. You can find out the Viagra price in Indian rupees when ordering this drug. We offer 200 Viagra 100 mg tablets for $179 or 11,800 INR (Indian rupees).

The drug Viagra is not a replacement for practicing safe sex. It does not prevent diseases that are sexually transmitted. Practicing safe sex by using condoms or other types of protection is important for the health of those who engage in sexually activity and are not in a monogamous relationship.

Viagra is intended to help men obtain erections and enjoy short or long periods of sexual activity. It has been shown to have many major benefits for men, increasing their self-esteem and confidence. It also helps them to enjoy intimate relationships with their partners. Viagra has been touted as a miracle by some men who previously had to refrain from sexual activity due to their inability to obtain an erection, or to maintain that erection long enough to engage in sexual activity. Those men are now enjoying a healthy sex life and experiencing better health overall.

Viagra price in Indian rupees (INR)

We offer 200 Viagra 100 mg tablets for $179 or 11,800 INR (Indian rupees).

Benefits of sexual activity

As well as getting a boost in libido, men that engage in sexual activity generally enjoy a healthier immune system and experience lower blood pressure. It has been shown that men who engage in sexual activity at least twice a week have higher antibody levels than those who engage in sex less often. Those antibodies help defend the body again illnesses caused from certain germs and viruses. Along with sexual activity, eating right, exercising, and sleeping enough help increase men’s stamina and health.

It has been said by medical experts that engaging in sex often actually increases the enjoyment of the act. This, in turn, tends to increase the libido, or sexual desire. Sexual activity has also been shown to lower blood pressure. Studies indicated that actual sexual activity, rather than masturbation, lowers the systolic blood pressure in both men and women.

Engaging in sexual activity boosts men’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Men who do not engage in sex or who suffer from erectile dysfunction tend to experience anxiety and experience a loss of confidence in themselves as men. Those who have sex regularly also tend to have a brighter, happier outlook on the world as a whole and their life in general.

Women who engage in sexual activity may have better bladder control than women who engage in the activity less often. Sexual activity is a workout that uses the pelvic muscles, especially when orgasm is reached. This, in turn, strengthens those muscles and helps avoid incontinence issues that some women experience.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms

Men with erectile dysfunction are unable to get or maintain an erection during sexual activity. The condition is also commonly known as impotence. The majority of men experience some type of erectile dysfunction during their life. Unless the dysfunction occurs regularly, it is not considered to be a medical problem that warrants the administration of Viagra. If the condition does occur frequently, men should seek the help of a physician so that underlying medical problems can be ruled out as a cause. If there is a medical problem, Viagra may not be the recommended treatment.


Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, occurs due to an insufficient flow of blood to the penis. When an erection occurs, the penis muscles relax to allow the flow of blood into the penis chambers. The pressure caused by the flow of blood results in an erection. Once an erection occurs, valves within the penis close or constrict to hold the pressure in until either sexual stimulation stops or ejaculation occurs.

There are both psychological and medical issues, or a combination of those issues, that can cause erectile dysfunction. There are also medications that can have this side effect.

Medical conditions can include any disease or disorder that affects the flow of blood to the penis; for example, heart disease and diabetes. Psychological conditions include depression, relationship issues, and stress. Conditions such as obesity, hormonal problems, certain diseases and high cholesterol have also been found to cause erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes can cause damage to the blood vessels that are related to obtaining an erection. Men who suffer from diabetes tend to experience mild to severe erectile dysfunction episodes. In addition to erectile dysfunction, diabetes can result in heart problems. Heart problems also cause blood flow irregularities, and those who must take heart medications may not be good candidates for the use of Viagra. In addition to heart medications, pain relievers and antidepressants can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Atherosclerosis is another health problem that can cause erectile dysfunction. This condition is caused by a thickening of the artery walls that, in turn, restricts the flow of blood throughout the body. One of the first locations that is affected is the penis. The penis requires blood to fill its arteries in order become erect. When that flow is restricted, the penis cannot obtain the amount of blood that is necessary to obtain an erection. A physician should be seen to treat this condition so that future heart problems may be prevented.

Mental health issues, including depression, can suppress emotions and a person’s response to external stimuli such as touch. Once a man experiences a problem getting an erection, he may become anxious and avoid sexual contact with his partner. This, in turn, may create more anxiety and exacerbate his failure to obtain an erection. In general, once the psychological issue has been resolved, the dysfunction goes away.

Benefits of Viagra

Viagra is marketed as an erectile dysfunction drug and has been proven to help men obtain erections and maintain them for up to four hours. This allows men to enjoy sexual activities, which helps eliminate the stress of erectile dysfunction and builds self-confidence. The Viagra price in Indian rupees is available when ordering this drug. We offer 200 Viagra 100 mg tablets for $179 or 11,800 INR (Indian rupees).

Because Viagra widens arteries, it can be beneficial in improving heart performance and men’s overall health. It can also help with some heart problems and potentially save lives. Because of its ability to widen arteries, Viagra may help stroke patients recover faster. A neuroscience institute believes that, when taken within three days of a stroke, the drug can help those patients regain their movement, memory, and speaking skills.

A theory has been raised by researchers that Viagra may be used to treat diseases that cause memory problems, such as dementia, in the future. That theory is based on a boost in learning skills and memory in studies that were conducted by Auburn University.

Sportsmen may also benefit from Viagra in the future. Research has shown that men who take the drug and then participate in sports, such as bicycling or mountain climbing, at high altitudes experienced an increase in stamina along with improved cardiovascular performance. With additional research, it is possible that the drug could be used to assist people in their everyday activities by improving both their stamina and their ability to perform.

Recreational use of Viagra

Some men, it has been reported, use Viagra to enhance their sexual activity by allowing them to maintain erections for longer durations of time than normal. The drug has been known, when used recreationally over a period of time, to cause dependence with the result that those men could not obtain an erection without using the drug.

Viagra is not a recreational drug and should never be used in conjunction with other types of recreational drugs. That combination could result in serious health problems and even death. This is especially true with men who have underlying medical conditions such as heart disease and are taking medications to control high blood pressure or chest pains.

Viagra facts

As with any drug, Viagra has side effects. The most commonly reported include rashes, dizziness, muscle pain, headaches, runny nose, stuffy nose, flushing, nausea, and dizziness. In a small number of patients, it was reported that men’s ability to see colors was affected; specifically, they had problems differentiating between green and blue and some reported a blue tinge in their sight. This side effect, as stated, is rare and, when it did occur, faded away over time once the body adjusted to the drug.

Other side effects have been reported to include vision loss, hearing problems, and erections that last more than four hours. Those who experience these types of side effects should seek medical treatment immediately.


For maximum effect, Viagra should be taken between 30 minutes and four hours before the time that a man anticipates engaging in sexual activity. High fat meals should not be eaten before taking the drug because the high fat content can cause a delay in the drug taking effect.

Only one dose should be taken within a 24-hour period to avoid complications and serious side effects. The correct dosage depends on a number of factors, including a man’s medical condition and any other drugs that he may be taking.

Physician assistance

Before taking Viagra, men should consult with their physician so that he or she can determine whether there is an underlying problem that could be causing his erectile dysfunction and whether treating that condition, if one is found, would resolve the problem. The physician is also in a better position to make decisions on whether Viagra would be beneficial in each individual case.

Viagra and women

Viagra for women is different than the Viagra that is marketed for men. As with men, the drug increases blood flow and, in turn, increases the effects of sexual stimulation. It has also been indicated through research that Viagra may increase a woman‚Äôs chance of becoming pregnant. An institute that conducted studies on this issue believes that the drug’s ability to increase the flow of blood to the uterus promotes uterine lining growth in women in cases where their lining was too thin.

Viagra for women has many marked benefits that can help them feel better about themselves and help them obtain an increased enjoyment in engaging in sexual activities that may haven’t been that stimulating before taking the drug. This gives women the added benefit of lowering blood pressure and increasing their ability to relax and have less stress in their life.

Viagra cost

For those suffering from erectile dysfunction, Viagra can be very beneficial. Affordable generic versions of Viagra can be securely ordered online at Our company is a first class online pharmacy with the goal of providing exceptional customer service. Your order will be shipped in a non-descriptive package that does not indicate pharmacy or medication to protect your privacy. The Viagra price in Indian rupees is determined during checkout of your order. We offer 200 Viagra 100 mg tablets for $179 or 11,800 INR (Indian rupees).

Ordering Viagra online is an excellent option for those who are seeking a good price as well as complete discretion. They do not have to let their pharmacist know that they are obtaining the drug, which could potentially lower a man’s self-esteem even further. Most men see ED as a stigma against themselves and do not want anyone else to know that they are ‚Äúless‚ÄĚ than they can be. Mail order Viagra online is the best choice for those who value their privacy, but want to take advantage of a drug that can help them obtain an erection and enjoy lengthy sexual activities, or even short episodes, with their partner.