Prescription-free Viagra offers relief to men in the USA

Have you experienced erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the main reasons why many men across the world feel unsatisfied or under-confident in their relationships. It can be difficult to talk about with friends, family, or even doctors because of how personal the problems is. Without any other alternative to turn to, many choose to either leave the problem untreated, or else pay extreme prices for brand name medication.

The effects of ED go beyond the inability to achieve an erection. The emotional consequences of an unfulfilled sex life can deteriorate relationships and lead to broader problems like depression. Without understanding the full effects of this disease, it is far too easy to ignore it.

The good news is our digital culture is bringing a whole new wave of solutions for those who are eager enough to seek them out. International pharmacies providing generic brand medications are, for the first time, allowing men to get the medication they need without embarrassing conversations with their doctor, time-wasting trips to their local pharmacy, or impossible monetary costs.

A solution to the problem

What many men with erectile dysfunction don’t know is that there is another solution that could work for them, that does not require a trip to the doctor or pharmacy and will not leave them broke. As long as you are able and willing to make a commitment to careful research and smart decision-making, it is possible to find generic Viagra for a fraction of the name-brand variety’s cost. You won’t have to sacrifice quality or safety. By working through an international pharmacy, you will find access to the same professional standards delivered by your local supplier. It is a solution that millions of men throughout the US have tried, and many are happy they did.

Starting out on the right foot means arming yourself with all of the knowledge you will need to get your own Viagra without a prescription. With a wide variety of benefits that can be found through international pharmacies online, you will be shocked by how easy it can be. Continue reading and answer any lingering questions you may have.

Why now is the right time to act

The timing of these breakthroughs has to do with two major factors—American patent restrictions that control the sale of generic Viagra in the United States, and the rise of technologies that support international e-commerce.

The US patent for Viagra is held by the Pfizer corporation, and does not expire until 2019. This prevents pharmacies from selling cheaper alternatives of the medication before that time. And although the time when generic Viagra will be available to American men is in sight, those who are currently affected by erectile dysfunction may not be willing to wait years for relief.

On the other side of the coin, the rise of has brought an entire range of e-commerce options to online buyers, allowing for easy ordering, expedient shipping, and reliable service. Today, the reality of looking across the globe for medication options is more within reach than ever, lessening the restrictions posed by US patent law.

About offshore pharmacies

The main point to understand when it comes to offshore pharmacies is that they come will all of the legitimacy of pharmacies in the US. While there are a number of disreputable sellers online, certified providers of generic Viagra can be spotted easily, as long as you know what to look for. Here are a few of the major features that quality and trustworthy offshore pharmacies will have.

  • No prescription required – While saving money is perhaps the biggest reason behind the advent of generic medications, the fact that they are available without a prescription is definitely the biggest convenience. Online pharmacies processing your order outside of the US will be able to send you your first shipment with as little as a mailing address and payment information. It is the best way to maintain your privacy as well as being an excellent time saver.
  • Worldwide shipping – Often based in countries as far away as India, quality offshore Viagra suppliers know that the success of their business lies in convenience. Getting your medication shipped to your door is what sets these services apart, and plays a big role in maintaining your privacy. Not having to make the extra trip to your local Walgreens is a benefit that is easy to understand. And even though your order is traveling from the other side of the globe, efficient pharmacies will be able to ship in as little as two days, and get the product to your house in a matter of weeks.
  • Free trial samples – Believe it or not, a large number of online pharmacies offer completely free trial samples of generic Viagra. This is good news, not just because it offers a way to get a first-hand experience of the product before making a commitment, but it speaks volumes for the company’s confidence in their product. The whole idea is that satisfied customers will keep coming back for more, and so making a strong impression right off the bat can only help long-term sales.
  • Certified and FDA approved – When dealing with a top online pharmacy, you shouldn’t have to hunt for very long before finding information on their certifications and FDA approval status. Pharmacies that don’t have physical locations need to work extra-hard to gain the confidence of new customers, and it is these forms of validation that do just that. After a bit of experience looking through a few of these websites, distinguishing between the legitimate businesses and the scam sites will only become easier.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – This has to do with the level of confidence that comes with the offer of free trial samples. In short, pharmacies that are putting out a quality product have nothing to fear when it comes to dissatisfied customers. Because erectile dysfunction is such a serious disease, an effective treatment with only be met with the utmost gratitude on the part of the customer. In reality, pharmacies who are offering a satisfaction guarantee, almost never have to actually put it to use.
  • Customer rated – Fancy certifications are all well and good, but when it comes down to it, the thing that matters most is the opinion of people just like yourself. International pharmacies that have been in business for a while will usually have a number of customer testimonials to offer, which speak to the quality of their product and the extent of its effectiveness. But even better are the product reviews that users are able to leave directly on the site. A good sign of confidence is a business who isn’t afraid of letting their critics speak their mind. Once you hear the flip side of the argument, you can make an informed decision about the product for yourself.
  • Low cost – Because of the freedom from patent restrictions as well as a variety of manufacturing costs that exist in the United States, offshore pharmacies are much lower in price than their American counterparts. Prices that range from $2 to $5 per pill are common, and certainly fair to expect from a pharmacy you are just beginning a relationship with. Depending on the country of origin, shipping costs can vary widely, though this is easily offset by the reduced cost of the medication itself.
  • Completely safe and legal – Gaining the trust of the American consumer has been one of the biggest hurdles that stands in the way of connecting international pharmacies with buyers around the world. Truth be told, the disreputable companies that do exist are small in number, and not any more common than those that exist here in the United States. All in all, companies selling medications from India and other countries hold themselves to the same standards as medication providers anywhere else.
  • Friendly, professional, and efficient – What is true of any other business is certainly true here—don’t waste your time with a company that is not willing to offer the very best in customer service. Checkout should be efficient and easy, while any and all questions should be answered promptly by knowledgeable online staff. When it comes to dealing with a medication as crucial as Viagra, these companies should be prepared for a range of questions from different sources.

And while there are hundreds of pharmacies that fit this description across the internet, there is also a fair share of those that are only looking to make a quick buck, without regard for quality or customer satisfaction. While of course such businesses can come in all shapes and sizes, a few distinct types are seen more commonly than the others, and sometimes pose a significant threat. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these possible threats, so you can mitigate your own risk of experiencing them first hand.

  • The counterfeiters – Counterfeit medication is perhaps the largest problem plaguing the international pharmaceutical market today. Simply put, counterfeiters are those who knowingly sell a product as something that it is not, as a means to widen their profit margin. In the best case scenario, counterfeit medication will have no effect on the user at all, leaving as big an impact as one might expect from a sugar pill. However, when ingesting an unknown substance, the potential risks can run much higher. This is why it is crucial to stick with at trusted supplier such as so that you always know what you are getting.
  • The imitators – A step down from suppliers of counterfeit medication are the imitators—a group of savvy entrepreneurial who will offer a product that claims to have all the same benefits of the real thing, but doesn’t. In some cases, it is fine to explore alternative solutions to old problems, especially when effective treatment has not previously been found. But it is best to beware of products that claim to have miraculous properties, but with little proof or reputation to back up these claims. Always be sure to do your research before making the commitment to a new product, and when possible, stick with the solutions you know work.
  • The corner-cutters – In some cases, pharmacies will try to save money by watering down their product without informing their buyer base. Frequently, buyers are still getting the medication they signed up for, but just in a lower dosage than they expected. So while the safety risk is low, the fact is you are not getting your money’s worth. While most generic medications come in a variety of dosages, it is important to know how much of a substance you are ingesting, and that any labeling is clear and accurate. Stay away from pharmacies that you suspect of offering drugs that are not exactly what they claim to be.
  • The scam artists – And finally, there are the outright scammers, who are just here to take your money without offering anything in return. The world of online pharmaceuticals does not have a particularly high risk of such sellers, but it is an important factor to consider whenever making a purchase online. Always be sure to stick with companies who have a reputation, or who you can verify with a trusted source.

The easiest way to keep yourself protected from any of these risks is to only offer your hard-earned money to those pharmacies who are able to prove their reputation. Different certifications, testimonials, or customer reviews may vary from business to business, but the point is, any pharmacy that has a reputation worth bragging about certainly will.

The question of a prescription-free Viagra—yes or no?

  • By now it should be clear that finding prescription-free Viagra is relatively straightforward, even if the final decision of which pharmacy to choose does take a bit of research and careful planning. The freedom from doctor’s prescriptions is a great step in the evolution of the international pharmaceuticals market, and has only served to open up new possibilities for men across the world.
  • However, even when a prescription is not necessarily required, there are many cases when a doctor’s input is still quite valuable. It is up to the individual to decide exactly when and where they want to include a third party into this personal decision, but there are certainly a few cases where such input can be a big help. Decide for yourself if any of these scenarios applies to you:
  • Deciding your dosage – The question of dosage is one that any first-time user of Viagra will have to confront at some point or another. When starting out, it is often a good idea to begin with a low dosage and work your way up, to avoid overloading your system with a drug it has no previous experience with. However, doctors will be able to offer more accurate guesses as to what size dosage will be best for your case. This will help keep you safe, as well as serve as a time-saver. Honing in on your perfect dosage will mean finding the relief you need sooner.
  • Knowing your body – It has been shown that 98% of men who use Viagra find it to be an effective treatment for their erectile dysfunction. However, everyone’s body is different, and understanding how your previous medical experiences, existing conditions, or other factors will play into your experience of the new drug is important. Our bodies are complex ecosystems, and it takes a trained professional to understand them fully. Making sure you have as much knowledge as possible when starting out is a great strategy.
  • Understanding ED – If you have questions about erectile dysfunction, or want to learn more about how it could be affecting your love life, a doctor is a great person to turn to when seeking help. Although many men feel embarrassment in such conversations, the benefit of getting a professional perspective cannot be overestimated.
  • When there is a problem – Finally, it is important to contact a doctor immediately when experiencing any unusual side effects from the medication. Erections that last longer than five hours can potentially be damaging to your system and it is important to get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible in this case.

Take your fist step today

Now that finding prescription-free Viagra has become easier than ever, our global landscape of pharmaceutical solutions is growing more and more diverse. Getting started is easier than you might think, even if the initial amount of information may seem overwhelming at first glance.

Those who have tried generic Viagra without a prescription are among the millions of men across the world who have found relief to the problem that has been affecting their love life for so long. While erectile dysfunction can play a major role in the loss of sexual intimacy and male confidence, there is no reason why it needs to continue doing so. Especially when brand-new solutions are becoming ever-more available to those with the patience and drive to seek them out. Do not hesitate any longer; get our free Viagra samples now!