Tadalafil first hit the market under the name ‘Cialis’. Although it was designed to compete with other PDE5 inhibitors such as those found in Levitra or Viagra, it usually remains effective for a longer period of time after it has been taken. The physical effects of Tadalafil are identical to those of Viagra and Levitra, but the active ingredient is often effective in cases where neither of these drugs work. Scientists tell us that 89% of erectile dysfunction cases can be treated using PDE5 inhibitors, but no Tadalafil testimonials are as telling as the ones posted by patients who have used this medication. What do ordinary people think of Tadalafil? Is it as good as or better than Viagra for some patients? What about generic products that contain Tadalafil?

What Tadalafil Testimonials Are There From Real Users?

Hi! I’d like to share my Tadalafil testimonial. I find that Tadalafil works best when I take it 12 hours before sex, so if it doesn’t work as well as you thought it might within the first hours, try again later. It’s changed my life, believe me!Thomas, Austin Texas

I’m 80 years old and my partner is the same age. She like sex even more than I do, but I’ve been having trouble satisfying her owing to my erectile dysfunction. I thought I’d try Cialis just to see what happened, and these days, I’m an absolute tiger.Ken, USA

I decided to try a Cialis generic after reading Tadalafil testimonials online. To be honest, I didn’t think it would work for me, so I was in for quite a surprise! Amazing stuff.Ed Williams, USA

I started using Tadalafil as a treatment for my erectile dysfunction and had two pleasant surprises. Not only was I able to resume (and intensify) my sexual activity, but my depression began to lift. I did some reading and found that other men have had the same experience. Happiness twice over!Brian, California

Here’s my Tadalafil or Cialis story. Don’t let anyone tell you that men with erectile dysfunction aren’t interested in sex. That’s the whole problem. You’re interested. You’re keen. You just can’t do it. I saw a lot of Tadalafil testimonials and I decided to try it. Now I can follow through when I get in the mood, and it feels better than ever.Tony Lonman, US

My husband got really down in the dumps when he started experiencing erectile dysfunction. He just didn’t feel like a manly man anymore and I really missed the sex. Now, my man is back at better than full strength thanks to Tadalafil.Maria, Auckland

Funnily enough, I think my ED was more a case of performance anxiety than anything else. No problems when I was on my own, no erection when I was in female company. Since I believe my problem is psychological, I didn’t think Tadalafil would work for me, but it did. Now I can go on for hours.Ron Richards, Philadelphia

Cialis really works for me, but it’s more expensive than Viagra (which doesn’t work for me). Then I heard about generics that you can buy online. They were so cheap I thought it was a scam, but I gave it a try and it’s the real McCoy. Generic Tadalafil is every bit as good as Cialis.Gary Johnston, UK

Fantastic! I couldn’t believe how hard I got. Highly recommended and didn’t give me any side effects to speak of.Dave, Ontario

I’d like to share my Cialis experience. I couldn’t be happier. It works and it doesn’t give me any scary side effects. I have a bit of sinus congestion after using it, but it’s not overly painful.Harry Martin, Canada

29 is a very young age to experience erectile dysfunction, but then I’m a diabetic and that’s one of the problems that diabetics have. As you can imagine, I wasn’t too keen about having to live with ED at my age, but my doctor recommended Cialis, which is one of the brand names for Tadalafil. Let’s just say I’m MORE than happy!Lars, Boston

Viagra didn’t work very well for me and I was inclined to get headaches, so I switched to Tadalafil and I’ve never looked back. My wife’s happy too!Carl P, Iowa

I tried everything and nothing worked until I took Tadalafil. I haven’t enjoyed regular sex for more than 25 years, but now I’m as fit as a fiddle and my wife can’t believe the difference.Josh Gould, UK

I was still able to function sexually, but it was getting a bit sporadic and definitely not what it used to be, so I gave Tadalafil a try. It’s like turning back the clock, only now I’ve got more confidence in bed, so it’s probably better. So much better than just ‘making do’. I recommend this medication to anyone who has erectile issues.Doug Watson, UK

More Tadalafil Testimonials

My husband and I may be getting on in years, but we still love sex. When he started having trouble maintaining his erection, it was a real blow to his confidence. He broached the subject with his doctor and Tadalafil was recommended. Well! I’m happy, he’s happy and if our neighbours knew what the nice old couple were up to at night, they’d be completely amazed. I know I was.Smiling Suzy, Australia

My partner is 15 years older than I am and despite the fact that we’ve been together for ages, he always worried that his age could become a problem. Of course, I still loved him when he couldn’t get an erection, but it was heart breaking to see how upset he’d get after a failed attempt at sex. I’m happy to say, that Tadalafil has changed all that. My man is now a first class stud!Julie P, UK

I’m 45 and my doctor said I should try 20mg of Tadalafil to solve my erectile dysfunction. I might have questioned him if I’d known it came in smaller doses, but despite the strength of the medication, I didn’t have any side effects. It works very well, but Cialis is expensive, I might try a generic next time around.Roy B, US

I had side effects with Viagra, side effects with Levitra. I was starting to think the whole thing was a dead loss, but decided to give Tadalafil a try before giving up. I’m glad I did! No side effects and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.Going Strong, Arkansas

I’d like to share my Tadalafil testimonial. Just because I’m a senior citizen doesn’t mean I’ve given up on having sex. Mind you, not too long back, I was on the verge of giving up. Then I read some Tadalafil testimonials and thought ‘why not?’ It worked wonders for me and I haven’t had any problems with ED since I started using it.Sean, California

For me, Tadalafil works really well after about 6 hours and just seems to keep on working after that it’s ok after an hour, but these days I time my dose according to the results I’ve had in the past.Alan K, Australia

I just want to add my endorsement to these Tadalafil testimonials. It changed my sex life from the non-existent to the highly active overnight. I use the generics, and I can’t afford Cialis, but since it works, I can’t see any reason to change.Bryan, UK

Tadalafil Personal Experience Takeaways

When compared with other medications for erectile dysfunction, Cialis has some advantages. The effect is longer lasting and you can take your tablet with meals if preferred. However, nothing works for everyone and if you find that Cialis does not agree with you or fails to work, you can try Viagra or Levitra to see if these are more effective.

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