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Product Description

You may well be wondering if you can get a Cialis generic online for much less than you’d pay at your local pharmacy. Is there anything you need to be aware of before you complete your search and buy Tadalafil online (the ingredient in Cialis and its generic brands)?

What Is Tadalafil?

The group of drugs that Tadalafil falls into is called the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Certain PDE5 inhibitors have the effect of allowing for improved blood flow to the penis by allowing the muscles inside the blood vessels to relax, improving blood flow and making an erection possible. Most cases of erectile dysfunction are caused by limited blood flow preventing an erection.

Buy Tadalafil online

Pfizer was first on the scene with medications for erectile dysfunction that use a PDE5 inhibitor. The discovery was made by accident, and as soon as the news reached the ears of other pharmaceutical companies, they got to work researching other PDE5 inhibitors to see if they could get on the money making bandwagon with new treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Tadalafil soon showed its promise as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and is even considered by some to be superior to its predecessor, Viagra. It was released onto the market with the trade name ‘Cialis’ and soon soared to popularity.

Before you buy Tadalafil online, you may be wondering what you can expect. Tadalafil is the fastest-working treatment for erectile dysfunction. It begins to work within 15 minutes in most cases and may continue working for up to 36 hours. You may experience variations owing to your individual body chemistry, so the best advice is to try it and see.

Once you’ve taken Tadalafil, you won’t simply get an erection unless you indulge in sexual activity or become aroused. That’s good news if you don’t want a surprise in the middle of a romantic dinner!

Tadalafil over the counter

Most people who buy Tadalafil online don’t have a prescription, can this be safe? What are the attendant risks? If you’re in good health, the chances are that it’s as safe as getting prescription Cialis from your local pharmacy. Anyone who uses chronic medication needs to check on the safety of a drug that’s new to them – interactions with medications are possible. Have a frank conversation with your doctor if you are unsure whether your medications could clash with Tadalafil. Healthy men may discover that they have allergies that don’t allow them to use Tadalafil, once again, the risk is the same as it would be if you obtained a prescription first. Most side effects are mild, but there are unusual instances of severe side-effects. Does taking prescription Cialis reduce this possibility? Not a bit! Make sure you read the package insert to see what side effects you should be concerned about before taking Tadalafil and if you buy Tadalafil online, ensure that you’re getting it from a reputable pharmacy. Begin with a low to average dose and adjust your dosage as needed.

Tadalafil online

Tablets that use the brand name Cialis come from pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, and they’re not for sale online. You’d need a prescription to get them at your local pharmacy and they will be the most expensive of all erectile dysfunction treatments. However, in this day and age, it’s never very long before generics or copies are made available. They can’t make use of the name ‘Cialis’, but they have the same amount of Tadalafil and work just as well. There are charlatans who sell medicines that don’t contain a scrap of Tadalafil, but you can easily find out if a supplier is reliable- there will be complaints all over the internet if they’ve been taking chances! There are plenty of generic Cialis brands available and the tablets come in a variety of concentrations. Do your homework before you buy Tadalafil online so that you know what to look for. Remember, stronger isn’t always better. Start with a low dose to see how it affects you and gradually increase the dose if needed.

Tadalafil 20 mg

This concentration is the one most commonly used It’s a ‘middle of the road’ dosage – the two other recommended concentrations are 10mg tablets (which might be the best place to start) and 60mg (the maximum daily dose that should not be exceeded). Remember that ED medications do not always work the first time round. If Tadalafil doesn’t work on the first try, take it daily for six to eight days before trying any other medication. If it still doesn’t work, there are other options that might be right for you.

Tadalafil for sale

Erectile dysfunction medications are priced high – partly because the makers are getting everything they can out of their trademark and perhaps – at least partly because men are willing to pay the price. Cialis is the most expensive of all, but you can get Tadalafil for $0.66 from a reputable online pharmacy. Can it really be the same thing as Cialis? You may be certain that it is exactly the same!

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