6 Natural Remedies That Treat Low Testosterone

One of the best remedies that treats low testosterone: Get a good night’s sleep! Sleep deprivation can actually lead to low testosterone. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep may naturally boost testosterone production. Sleep deprivation can decrease testosterone levels by as much as 40%. Also, you can order free ED samples & get it delivered by mail.

Low testosterone? Testosterone is an essential hormone which serves many different functions in the body. We primarily think of testosterone as a sex hormone, and testosterone is the hormone that makes men develop secondary sex characteristics, like facial hair. Testosterone also regulates sex drive and controls sperm production in men.

Testosterone is also critical for many other systems in the body. For example, testosterone is crucial for increasing bone density. This is why low testosterone can be such a serious health problem. When a man’s testosterone is low, multiple different systems in the body are affected.

As men age, their testosterone levels will naturally decrease at a gradual rate. However, a sudden, significant decrease in testosterone can result in serious issues. Such a drop can cause mood disorders and physical health problems. Low testosterone can be treated with hormone therapy, but there are also a variety of ways to increase testosterone production naturally. Here are six ways to naturally increase your testosterone production:

1. Maintain a healthy weight

If you are overweight, your chances of developing low testosterone might be higher. This is because body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen. Higher estrogen levels can then decrease your testosterone production even more. Decreasing your body fat can halt the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, and boost your testosterone production. The healthy habits that you develop in order to maintain a healthy weight—namely, eating a healthy diet and exercising—also increase your testosterone levels in their own ways.

2. Eat a healthy diet

Not only does eating healthy help you maintain a healthy weight; a balanced diet is key to maintaining healthy testosterone production. This is because testosterone production requires certain nutrients that you must get from your diet. At least 20% of your daily food intake should consist of healthy fats. This is because the body needs good cholesterol for the chemical process which produces testosterone. Good sources of healthy fat are olive oil, avocado, salmon and tuna, nuts, and flax seeds. It is also important to limit your consumption of unhealthy fats, which are found in fried foods, red meat and processed meats, and full-fat dairy products. Unhealthy fats can increase bad cholesterol and cause weight gain.

You should also avoid eating processed sugars as much as possible. Too much sugar can cause weight gain, because sugar is almost instantly converted into fat when you digest it. Sugar can also dramatically increase your insulin levels, and high levels of insulin could lower your testosterone production. Avoid any foods that have added sugar, whether it is corn syrup or cane sugar. The only sugars you should be eating are the natural sugars in fruits and vegetables.

3. Exercise regularly

Studies have shown that exercising regularly can increase testosterone production in men. Exercise works in multiple different ways to benefit your testosterone levels and your health. First, exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight, which helps maintain healthy testosterone levels, as we already discussed. Exercise burns the fat that could be converting your testosterone into estrogen. Second, exercise itself can naturally increase testosterone production.

4. Focus on strength training

Strength training, in particular, can give a boost to your testosterone levels, more than cardio workouts. If you focus on heavy strength training for large muscle groups—specifically, the quads, gluts, and lower back—your body will naturally ramp up its testosterone production. This can create a positive feedback loop where higher levels of testosterone will make you feel more motivated to do more workouts, which will in turn increase your testosterone levels.

5. Increase your zinc intake

Zinc is an essential vitamin that has multiple different functions in the body. Studies have shown that zinc might inhibit the enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen. To increase your levels of zinc, you can eat foods which contain high amounts of zinc, such as beef, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds, or you can take supplements. If you want to take a supplement, be sure you research the brand of supplements you buy to make sure it is a reputable brand, because the supplement market is not regulated by the FDA.

6. One of the best remedies that treats low testosterone: Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep deprivation can actually lead to low testosterone. Studies have shown that getting enough sleep may naturally boost testosterone production. Sleep deprivation can decrease testosterone levels by as much as 40%.

It might be difficult to determine how much sleep is best for you. Most adults need six to eight hours of sleep every night, but there is a small percentage of people who need less than that, and there are people who need more. To figure out how much sleep you need, get more sleep, and see how you feel. See how you feel after six hours of sleep, after seven hours or sleep, and after eight hours of sleep. Try not to drink coffee because this could make you feel artificially awake while you are still sleep deprived. Listen to what your body tells you.

You should always consult your doctor about using natural remedies instead of medication to treat your health problems. All of the above methods can be used in tandem with a medicinal testosterone therapy. And, in fact, most of these remedies are habits that you should be doing anyway, in order to maintain better overall health. Exercise, good eating habits, and good sleeping habits are all necessary in order to keep every system in your body healthy.

If you use these methods to increase your testosterone along with a hormonal testosterone therapy, you might not have to be on the hormonal therapy for very long. These natural remedies can keep your testosterone at a healthy level when you keep up with them. And there is good reason to keep up with them, because good habits like eating healthy and exercising are the key to staying healthy for as long as possible, and living a long life.

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9 Top Tips For Men Aged 40 And Over

And for men 40 years old or more, it can seem like sexual health and a positive sexual life can be left on the sidelines; or worse, in the past. But listen up men out there: here are some useful top tips for men to think about if you want to make sure your sexual health is in top shape. Also, you can order free ED samples & get it delivered by mail.

“I want to be healthier” is something everyone has either said or heard at some point. Everyone obviously wants to live healthier, and people mostly try their best to be mindful of their health. We all work to care for ourselves, but it’s not always easy. And for men, there is one thing that is of particular importance. Having a stronger sexual lifestyle is something men become more aware of as they get older. And for men 40 years old or more, it can seem like sexual health and a positive sexual life can be left on the sidelines; or worse, in the past. But listen up men out there: here are some useful tips to think about if you want to make sure your sexual health is in top shape.

1. Eat a beneficial diet

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And this is especially true when talking about your sexual health. Guys who eat a nutritious diet are more likely to perform better in the bedroom. Aim for a healthy meal plan that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean proteins. If you are what you eat, make sure what you eat is healthy and good for you. Because if it’s good for you, it’ll wind up being good for your partner. If your first stop is the kitchen, your next stop is the bedroom.

2. Work out on a regular basis

Another famous phrase is “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Trying to stay in shape is important for maintaining sexual health. Guys who are lethargic often find themselves facing myriad problems with their sexual health. If you want increased confidence, and a healthier appearance overall, look no further than the gym. Before starting any new exercise program, be sure to consult with your doctor and make an exercise plan that fits your current health situation.

3. Top tips for men: Stop stressing out and take it easy

When you hear the words “don’t stress out”, it’s time to listen. Stress causes issues for men and their sexual health. Feeling stressed out can make you anxious, worried, nervous, or exhausted. All of these factors can have a negative impact on your sex life. Then you run into the issue of potentially facing a couple of these conditions together, which is going to be even worse. Use some stress management methods such as deep breathing, counting backwards, and meditation to help decrease your stress and increase your libido. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a stress-free life with a smile on your face.

4. Drink less alcohol

Studies show that drinking alcohol can have an adverse effect on your sexual performance and health. Drinking too much can put you at a higher risk of encountering negative health conditions like erectile dysfunction, and alcohol also can lower your sexual interest, making it more challenging to achieve an orgasm.

5. Quit smoking

Smoking has harbored an unhealthy reputation, and for men over 40 it now is an issue for sexual health, too. Smoking can lead to issues with male sexual health, and research shows that most men with erectile dysfunction also smoke. Another negative is the blood vessels that send blood to the penis are damaged by smoking. Low sperm count and poor sperm quality are additional consequences of smoking. Talk with your doctor for help quitting.

6. Stay away from illegal drugs

Don’t let movies and television steer you in the wrong direction; illegal substances and drugs aren’t going to enhance your sex life. In fact, the opposite is true with most illegal drugs, and it’s better to stay away from hard substances or drugs. Avoiding sexual health problems, like the dreaded erectile dysfunction, is as easy as just saying no.

There are some things you can focus on that can improve your bedroom performance in more ways than one. Using the proper methods and exercises, a better sexual life can start with your current sexual life. And along the road to better sexual health, you’ll find it can be more fun and exciting with your partner working together with you.

7. Try kegel exercises

Men have wrongfully assumed that kegel exercises were a thing for women. Kegel exercises can go both ways. These can strengthen the muscles that support your penis, and they can help you delay ejaculation and bring more pleasure to your orgasms. And yes this all sounds great, so how do you do it? Find these muscles the next time you’re in the bathroom, when urinating try to stop the flow. Once you see where the muscles are, squeeze and hold for a few seconds before easing up and relaxing. Do these exercises throughout the day and you may find yourself having more fun throughout the night.

8. Bring the lubrication

As males age, they can lose sensitivity in their penis during sexual activity. Sexual lubricants can help enhance your enjoyment during sex. Try to use some of the water based lubricants out on the market- these are recommended as they wash away easily and cause no damage to latex condoms. The path to sensation is with lubrication!

And the final tip is one that you should be doing anyway, regardless of sexual health or a desire for a stronger sex life:

9. Talk with your doctor and get a health checkup every year

Nobody likes going to the doctor, especially for routine visits. But the best way to stay in good health is to stay on top of it. Every year you should schedule a visit with your doctor; this is good for sustaining a strong sexual lifestyle. If you are sexually involved with multiple partners, it’s also important to get screened for any sexually transmitted diseases.

Follow these top tips for men aged 40 and over and you will be on the way to a happier and healthier sexual lifestyle.

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Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction? Drink coffee!

 If men consumed between 85 to 170 milligrams of caffeine daily, they could pose an approximate 42% less risk of erectile dysfunction! Order free ED samples & get it delivered by mail.

Every morning across the United States, coffee is used to wake up millions of individuals as they begin their working day. According to a new study, coffee could also perk up a man’s sex life and help keep it alive and well. Researchers at the University of Texas conducted this study and, according to their findings, were able to conclude that there were fewer instances of erectile dysfunction in men who consumed caffeine in comparison to those who did not. However, this doesn’t mean that men should go out and drink a pot of coffee if they’re experiencing issues in the bedroom.

Upon further investigation, this study further also found that there was only one exception, and this was when men were diagnosed with diabetes. The lead author of this study is named Dr. David Lopez, who is an assistant professor at the University of Texas. He made note of the positive effects of caffeine on men who were hypersensitive, obese, and overweight. The researchers did make the discovery, though, that men with diabetes did not experience a reduction in their risk of erectile dysfunction when consuming caffeine.

The newest health conclusions regarding erectile dysfunction and caffeine

This University research does not conclusively prove, necessarily, there is a cause and effect regarding caffeine and its effect on erectile dysfunction. The experts do share the common belief, though, that the findings of the research do fall within the same lines of erectile dysfunction research conducted recently. The director at Mount Sinai Hospital is named Dr. Natan Bar-Charma. According to him, these study results are supportive of the position the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee most recently held.

Within these guidelines, it’s written that when the consumption of five cups of coffee per day occurs, it’s possible for an individual to experience a reduction in their risk for heart disease and type-2 diabetes. “Researchers at Harvard tracked over 100,000 people for about 20 years, concentrating on a four-year period. They found that people who increased their coffee intake by over one cup per day had an 11% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes,” according to George T. Krucik, MD, MBA of Healthline.com. Medical experts have stated that each of these conditions, with regards to erectile dysfunction, pose significant risk factors.

When the researchers were conducting this University of Texas study, they scrutinized data gathered from the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from over 3,700 men. Each participant filled out a response to questions focusing on how much caffeine they consumed within the last 24 hour period. Through an examination of the survey results, most of the men concluded that their caffeine intake was between two to three cups on average daily.

These findings have shown to possibly reduce a man’s risk of erectile dysfunction significantly. According to the results of the study, if men consumed between 85 to 170 milligrams of caffeine daily, they could pose an approximate 42% less risk. This is in comparison to a man who drank between zero and seven milligrams of caffeine daily. There is an approximately 39% less chance of a man experiencing erectile dysfunction issues if he drinks between 171 and 303 milligrams of caffeine on a daily basis.

Drinking coffee has health benefits

Those who participated in the study didn’t just drink coffee. For example, the men participating also drank other caffeinated beverages including soda, sports drinks, and tea. It’s the belief of the researchers that relaxation of the muscles and the blood vessels occur in the penis, thus allowing for the reduction of erectile dysfunction risk when drinking caffeine. These effects makes it easier for men to achieve an erection because their blood flow is improved. Another interesting health benefit to drinking coffee is its ability to lower a man’s risk of death.

According to James Demedeiros of Men’s Health, “The greatest reduction of death risk was 12% in the group drinking four to five cups. Know your limit: five cups.” As a side note, do not drink alcohol as a means of “coming down” from drinking too much caffeine. Otherwise, you’ll be causing another problem in the bedroom while attempting to solve another. It’s been proven that drinking too much alcohol could lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, unless it’s one or two glasses of wine to help set the mood, it’s best to abstain.

There are more experts who are in agreement with this study’s results. The Chair of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital is Dr. David Samadi. He’s concluded that there is more research that must be done. However, he does believe it seems that the smooth muscle tissue found in the penis does become relaxed as the result of drinking caffeine. He has made note that, when this smoothening occurs, an improvement in blood flow also occurs simultaneously to a man’s genitals. When a man’s genitalia receives adequate blood flow, improved erectile function is the result.

The journal POS One is where this study first appeared in online. In the United States, according to background research that was conducted, approximately 18% of men who are at least 20 years of age or older are affected by erectile dysfunction.

The bottom line

When you partake in your next cup of coffee, think about its health benefits and what it could be doing to help your body. In addition to fueling you up regarding your energy needs, it could be helping you in the bedroom.. This information is particularly useful for those who are worried that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction could eventually become their reality. Not only will this increase in caffeine intake help you keep you sharp and focused throughout the day, but you’ll also feel more invigorated in the bedroom. It’s important, though, to remember not to drink too much caffeine to avoid adverse effects. It’s true that you can have too much of a good thing, so be careful. That way, you’re maintaining optimal personal health while preserving your sexual health.

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9 Things Stopping You From Experiencing Quality Sex

Experiencing quality sex has never been easier! Order free ED samples & get it delivered by mail.

Has your sex life become boring? Some couples believe this is par for the course. However, some behaviors could be contributing to issues in bed. Being sexually healthy is more than just preventative measures for the transmission of diseases sexually and birth control. Your overall health has an intrinsic link to your sex life. Here are some unhealthy habits that may hurt what’s happening in the bedroom.

Lack of sleep

There are an estimated 70 million individuals across the United States who are currently suffering from sleep deprivation on a chronic level. Studies indicate that, when a person suffers from a lack of sleep, this could result in significant repercussions for their sexual health. The underlying question now is, how much is the optimal amount of sleep? Experts recommend that, on average, individuals should be getting at least seven to nine hours of quality sleep per night.

Not enough exercise

Physical fitness is an essential component for those who want an excellent sex life. When your heart rate increases, blood flow improves and your sexual organs become stimulated. It could also be beneficial if you engage in physical fitness immediately before sexual activity. You could see improvement in your performance, as well as your overall sexual health, with just 30 minutes of daily exercise. Exercise routines can also be broken up throughout the day, too, for those who have busy schedules. Try working out for 15 minutes in the morning and then 15 minutes in the evening after work. By breaking your routine up into chunks, you’re unable to make excuses for not having enough time to introduce exercise into your lifestyle. It’s important to include physical fitness into your routines to ensure optimal sexual health.

The mood is not set effectively

Unless the environment is conducive to sex, intimate relations could be adversely affected. Failure to take these steps, small as they may seem, could result in a lack of optimal performance in the bedroom. It’s simple to develop an atmosphere that’s romantic by removing children’s toys, laptops, mobile devices, and other distractions throughout the room. Your bedroom should be a sexually stimulating and relaxing sanctuary. Use candles or other types of soft lighting, as well as soft music to help set the mood. The use of lotions, scented oils or other massage aids also helps further create the atmosphere for sex. If you and your sexual partner are comfortable, you could also consider bringing in other sexual aids, like toys or games, to help set the mood.

Ignoring nutritional needs

To ensure you have all the vitamins and nutrients necessary for optimal sexual performance, eat a healthy diet. Studies have proven that, for men, zinc is critical for sexual health. An excellent source of B vitamins and zinc are oysters, and they can also aid in energy production and circulation. Consuming a diet that is nutrient rich is optimal for anyone interested in remaining sexually active. If you’re experiencing weight issues, then there’s a chance you could experience problems in the bedroom. Therefore, it’s critical that your nutritional needs are not ignored, and you’re eating a healthier diet. By eating a healthier diet, you’ll experience a healthier weight and fewer problems regarding sexual activity.

Consuming too many alcoholic beverages

Many many not realize that achieving orgasm is hampered when too much alcohol is consumed. Additionally, when chronic alcoholism occurs, problems with sexual performance could become a long-term issue. Sexual desire, though, could be boosted with an occasional glass of wine. Experts have found that, regarding alcohol, moderation is everything. If you’re unsure about how much is too much, it’s better just to abstain. That way you’re not compromising your sexual health.

Experiencing quality sex if you’re a smoker

Have you heard enough reasons to quit smoking? Are you tired of hearing people telling you to stop? What if you were told that it could be possible to experience a better sex life if you stopped this habit? Studies indicate that a decrease in blood flow occurs when individuals smoke, which could be detrimental to sexual organs. Erectile dysfunction and smoking have been directly linked to each other. It’s important to talk to your doctor about quitting so you can maintain a strong performance in the bedroom.

Using particular medications

Sexual side effects are common when taking some prescription medications. However, just because these side effects are common, that doesn’t mean they aren’t frustrating. It isn’t uncommon to experience a decreased libido or for some medications to prevent orgasm. A lower sex drive is common when taking antidepressants. Vaginal dryness is often the result when taking antihistamines. It’s important to speak to your doctor regarding treatment options if you believe your sexual health is being affected by your medications. No one should have to continue experiencing these frustrations in the bedroom just because they’ve been prescribed medication for an illness or other health issue.

Fear of experimentation

Hormonal teenagers are not the only ones who masturbate, nor should they be. When experimenting with self-pleasuring, you’re able to learn things you do and don’t like. Then, you can communicate with your sexual partner more easily. The ability to communicate with your sexual partner is a significant component of performance in the bedroom, as well as opening up the door to experimentation. You’ll also develop a higher level of comfort with your body through masturbation. Additionally, the fears you and your sexual partner may have been feeling may be lessened. According to experts, under some circumstances, your sexual desire could become fueled by this activity.

The bottom line

By making certain changes in your behaviors, it’s possible to experience a significant alteration in your overall sexual health and lifestyle. These changes in habits often involve simple decision-making, but others do require some serious life choices. In addition to your choices resulting in your health improving, you will also have a sex life that is more pleasurable. The days of having a boring sex life will slowly disappear, and you’ll no longer have to worry about maintaining performance. Not only is this beneficial to you but it’s also beneficial for your sexual partner.

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5 Reasons Why Your Sex Life & Libido Lowering

Don’t be the cause of your libido lowering and your sex life suffering. Order free ED samples & get it delivered by mail.

Not performing the way that you are used to in the bedroom? It doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is changes in your lifestyle and you could be on your way back to the old you in no time. Research by Dr. Brett Worly, a female sexual dysfunctional expert at Ohio State University, says there are five reasons why your libido could have decreased. These include: using antidepressants, not getting enough sleep, changes to your weight, relationship problems or taking birth control. You and your partner don’t have to suffer due to factors that can be changed.

1. Antidepressants & sex life

Naturally, our brain produces serotonin, epinephrine, and dopamine. These chemicals are known to change your libido and sexual performance. One thing that can increase or decrease these chemicals is different antidepressants. The World Health Organisation says that roughly 350 million people are suffering from depression.

There are other alternatives to helping you cope with your depression that may not affect the chemicals your brain produces. Some examples are simplifying your life, writing in a journal, or joining a support group. If you are currently on antidepressants, consult your doctor before you stop taking them to be sure that is what is influencing your libido. Depression is definitely a serious illness, but if your case can be managed without the influence of medication, then your sex life may be one less thing for you to worry about.

2. Not enough sleep & libido lowering

Feeling too tired by the time you get into bed? After a full day of dealing with work and/or kids, who has the energy to have sex, which is an exercise in itself? Our bodies require a certain amount of rest per night to perform the basic daily routine. Add sex to that and imagine the negative influence that a lack of sleep can have on your love life.

If the evening is the only time you are able to have sex then try to eat a light meal which doesn’t include lots of carbohydrates that could bog you down and make you even more sleepy. If you are able, you could also try having sex when you have more energy, such as in the morning. Even having random afternoon rendezvous with your partner will not only help your libido, but keep your relationship interesting. If this is indeed the reason why your sex life has taken a turn for the worse then it is an easy fix. You have to take control and make sure that you are letting yourself get enough rest. That will change other aspects of your life for the better, as well as your sex life.

3. Changes in weight causes your sex life

Weight fluctuates all the time. Dr. Worly believes that the way a woman perceives herself will greatly determine that woman’s libido. For example, if you don’t see yourself as beautiful then how do you feel naked in front of someone else? In a perfect world no one would be self-conscience about themselves, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Influence your significant other to start an exercise regime with you or ask your doctor for a healthy plan that fits you.

Your diet is also a big part of your weight change. We can’t eat like we are 25 anymore. More than our sex life will prove that. Don’t let how you look hurt your sex life. Believe that you are beautiful and let it show in the bedroom. Support groups such as Weight Watchers can help you maintain the weight you want so that you feel the best about yourself and won’t mind showing yourself off in the bedroom. Your partner will know if you are not confident in yourself. In the long run it is about your happiness. Take the steps needed to bring that level of confidence.

4. Problems in your relationship

The stresses of a hard relationship will greatly affect your libido. A failing relationship is the most common reason for a woman to have a low libido. How can you expect to have a healthy sex life if you are feeling disconnected from your partner? Sex is the time when you and your partner become one. Neither one of you will feel fulfilled if the relationship is failing.

Be sure to do your part in keeping the relationship fresh and spontaneous. It may not be that simple. You may need to see a relationship specialist to guide both you and your partner while you both work towards getting the relationship back on track. You must also recognize when it is time to walk away. You don’t want sex to no longer be exciting for you. It is an activity that stimulates us as humans and should be pleasurable.

5. Birth control

So this one is a kicker. The birth control that you use to prevent pregnancy can also lower your libido, which could be looked at as a way to prevent pregnancy. Unless you are purposely practicing abstinence, not everyone wants to go without sex and not everyone wants to become pregnant. When a woman ovulates, her testosterone level rises, and less ovulations result in a lower sex drive. It takes a certain level of testosterone to power our libido. Birth control can lower your testosterone level, which will in turn lowers your libido. Other forms of birth control such as condoms can be an alternative to birth control pills and will also help in preventing pregnancy. Other forms of birth control include a vaginal ring, diaphragm, or an IUD, which prevents sperm from reaching the egg.

Although there could be more factors that lead to a low sex drive, these five seem to be the most seen cases in women. All of these factors can be faced by you and your partner if you want your sex drive to return to its peak level. Don’t be the cause of your libido lowering and your sex life suffering. Get help today! Order free ED samples & get it delivered by mail.


Top 10 Gay Destinations 2016


Need a few LGBT-friendly destination ideas? Recent changes at these ten hottest places around the world have thrust them to the top 10 gay destinations 2016. Now let the planning begin!

UPDATE #11 Romantic Paris

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 Paris Raidd Bar Naked Gay

If you thought Paris stood only for straight romance, you should visit the Marais, a predominantly gay area in the heart of Paris where gay bars and clubs dominate the scene. Parisian couples of any orientation don’t hesitate to show affection on the streets, and if you’re in the mood for flirting, you’re sure to have a lot of ‘Ooh-la-la’ fun.

It’s a great place to visit at any time of the year, but June is the time for Gay Pride, and some really over-the-top antics spill out onto the streets as the lads strut their stuff. Paris is gay friendly from end to end, but the Marais is the place to go if you’re hoping to discover if French lovers are as hot as they’re supposed to be.

Get a trendy outfit that screams ‘Paris’, take in some arts and culture and then party the night away in one of the many gay-oriented establishments. You’re sure to have a ball! The shower show at Raidd bar is a MUST-SEE!

#10 Simple Kiev

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 Kiev

You can’t help noticing the positive energy in Kiev. It’s full of kind and friendly people – and ordinary guys who like to get acquainted with tourists – hopes of emigration are high!

In the afternoon you can sunbathe on the gay beach. Take an evening stroll along the banks of the Dnieper, and at night to go to the biggest gay club, Androgin. It’s famous for its excellent shows. And around 3am in the morning everyone moves closer to the city center to continue the party at a popular gay club called Andy Bar, which is located right on Khreschatyk. There you will find the most beautiful people, cheap cocktails and modern European music.

In this extraordinarily beautiful city, which is reminiscent of the great cities of Europe, you can feel like a king with as little as $100 in your pocket. A complete meal in “Puzata hata” will cost you $4-5, cappuccino – $1-2, but hotels in Kiev are very expensive. The best time to travel to Kiev is from early May to early November. Kiev is #10 in our top 10 gay destinations 2016.

P.S. On the way to the gay beach you will see the most brutal outdoor gym in the world – it is located directly under the open sky on the bank of the Dnieper. This huge gym is free, so there is always a crowd and there are plenty of trendy Ukrainian lads with perfect bodies!

#9 Muscular Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 Miami Fort Lauderdale

These two cities aren’t too far apart, and they both recognise the value of the gay tourism buck. Miami was always all about glam guys, parties, clubs and one of the best gay beaches in the world, but Fort Lauderdale has come a long way from its history as a ‘discreet’ gay destination for the middle-aged.

By the turn of the century, Fort Lauderdale had worked its way upscale, and now the two cities are fighting it out in an effort to glean the most gay tourists. One thing is for sure, you will be welcome! The party scene in Miami used to be unassailable, but Fort Lauderdale has rejuvenated itself with vibrant gay nightlife that should not be missed. They’re close together, so why not visit them yourself and decide which is the best place to let your hair down?

Don’t forget to spend some time on the 12th street beach eyeing out the bronzed hunks – and who knows? Maybe you’ll make a beach buddy!

#8 Prague – European Porn Capital

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 Prague

If you’re familiar with the work of BelAmi porn studio, then you can’t miss out on a visit to Prague. This city offers the most beautiful blond guys in the world!

The town is small, so young and beautiful Czechs are increasingly opting for work in the porn industry as a major source of income. For appearing in a movie, these tall blonds with their divine bodies earn a couple of thousand euros, which is twice as much as the average salary in the country. Don’t be surprised if the guy you meet at a club is a porn star with all the required attributes (appearance, size and charm).

P.S. I personally met two porn-star guys in Prague – one at the airport and the second at a club. I decided not to hook up, and now I kind of regret it.

#7 Gaming and Guys in Vegas

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 Las Vegas

Everyone thinks gambling when you say the word ‘Vegas’ but it’s also a premier destination for gay singles and couples. Just one look at the Cosmopolitan Casino tells you that this is one of the gayest places on earth with its pink neon signs and camp décor including a massive chandelier, but that’s just the beginning.

Remember the Motley Crue song ‘Girls, girls, girls’? Well, it might as well have been ‘Guys, guys, guys’. Take in some gorgeous cabaret acts with some of the hunkiest men you could ever hope to see. Are they straight? You might have fun finding out!

Whether or not you’re there with a partner try a massage at the Encore spa. If you’re with a lover, you’ll like the way they leave the two of you alone together with a hot tub afterwards. But don’t get so cosy and romantic that you don’t hit Share nightclub, Vegas’ coolest gay club or Snick’s bar, and if you’re on your own, those would be good places to start! Find some friends and maybe more.

#6 Moscow Never Sleeps

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 Moscow Russia

Let’s be honest. Moscow is world famous for its huge gay clubs such as Central Station stuffed with young guys around 20. Monobar is also a must-visit place. At 4am gay crowd moves to the after-party at Boyz club, which is open until 12 pm (!). Taxi drivers will take you there for $10. Sometimes just for a blowjob.

If you’re not up for a party on Friday or Saturday, Sunday is also fine. Head for the club ‘Propaganda’ for some red-hot house music. It’s full of guys who will drink and party till the small hours. You have to wonder how they’re going to cope with work on Monday morning!

The bright and noisy gay parties in Moscow somehow compensate for the greyness of the rather gloomy metropolis.

#5 Dirty Berlin

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 Berlin

Arriving in Berlin, you might think yourself in hell. Nothing is frivolous or pretty, everything is functional and to the point. Then you realise: this is the city to come to if you want dirty sex – and no-one is dirtier than the Germans.

In a small triangle between the streets Anzbahershtrasse, Kurfuerstenstrasse Motzstraße there are more than 60 fucking institutions, some of which operate on the model of “sex + alcohol” and consist only of the bar and a dark room (all inclusive – German style). The rest are more traditional bars and clubs, devoted to particular interest groups and fetishes.

In Berlin, you don’t have to beat around the bush for long. Just get down to the nitty-gritty. Most of the time, you will immediately be offered an opportunity to go and get down to business immediately. It’s a hell of a factory, but this type of sex tourism – let’s be frank – does not appeal to everyone.

#4 Passionate Istanbul

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 Istanbul

Istanbul is amazing. It is a huge metropolis, where poverty rubs shoulders with wealth, ease and luxury. The town, located both in Europe and in Asia (you have to draw the line somewhere), is world famous for shopping, sweets and of course, passionate guys who are happy to meet new friends on the street.

Despite the fact that Istanbul is home to a Muslim majority, gay life in Istanbul is diverse and colourful. There is also a gay sauna and specialised gay hotels. The biggest gay club in Istanbul is located right on the main street next to Taksim Square.

P.S. Every year Istanbul hosts a gay pride, but the hook up apps such as Grindr are blocked by Turkey’s law. Therefore, to get acquainted with the guys, you will either have to do so in person or by using other gay dating apps.

#3 Tolerant New York

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 New York City NYC

This city, with a population of 300,000 gays from all over the world, took the third place in our ranking. In 2014, the city took over from San Francisco to rank as the gay capital of America and became the most popular city in America for gay tourism.

New York offers a full and vibrant holiday: dozens of nightclubs with eccentric shows, excellent hotels and world-class service, concerts of world stars, shopping, as well as delicious, multi-ethnic and diverse cuisine.

Regular gay pride parades, legalized gay marriage, and a tolerant attitude towards gays residents attracts tourists from around the world. And this year, the city administration has even allocated $ 2 million on promoting New York as the best city for gay tourism.

#2 Depraved Bangkok

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 Bangkok Go Go Bar

Bangkok is deservedly known as a paradise for gay tourists. This colourful Asian city never sleeps – the day will find you shopping at the biggest markets in the world, and in the evening the doors of Babylon open. Visit the largest gay sauna in the world, located on 6 floors, and then head for the centre of gay nightlife in Bangkok – Silom.

Once there, you will find several gay streets on which there are gay clubs, shops, massage parlours, and dozens of go-go bars with shows in which absolutely naked guys do a variety of tricks, and sometimes have sex on stage. There is certainly a shortage of ‘angels’ in Bangkok. It’s a place to get down and dirty. Bangkok will give you unforgettable experiences and the only reason that it is ranked second, is that not everybody likes guys with an Asian appearance.

P.S. For a trip to Thailand residents of a large number of countries do not need a visa, and a return ticket can be found for bargain prices using our favourite app. The best time for tourism is from November to April.

#1 The Winner of Top 10 Gay Destinations 2016! Sunny Barcelona

Top 10 Gay Destinations 2015 Barcelona Matinee Circuit BCN

As you exit the airport you will see loving gay couples walking hand in hand. You are in Barcelona!

Passionate Spaniards, sexual language, beautiful sea and beaches, Gaudí’s masterpieces at every turn, delicious and inexpensive seafood, amazing and unforgettable nightlife, sauna Thermas, stuffed with muscular Brazilians… This city will not leave anyone indifferent!

Facts and places about the winner of our top 10 gay destinations 2016:

  • Barcelona is a city ruled by free sex and cheap cocaine;
  • Sunny weather all year round, even in winter;
  • Guys are nice, down-to-earth and happy to get acquainted with tourists;
  • Barcelona is one of the cheapest cities in Europe;
  • WOK Café offers an “all you can eat” seafood buffet for an for only 11 euros!
  • Mojito in most bars costs only 5 euros – an alcohol cocktail you will love!
  • Metro Disco gay club offers go-go boys dancing absolutely naked with an erection!
  • Prohibited drugs are sold openly on the streets;
  • Muscular Brazilians in Thermas sauna gladly accompany you for only 40 euros. Price/quality ratio – the best in the world!

P.S. Sitges, advertised as a gay city located 30 minutes from Barcelona, is not recommended. Despite the abundance of gay bars, hotels and clubs, you risk being the only young man among hungry European retirees.

Best Gay Travel Tips

Best Gay Travel Tips How Book Cheap Flight

  • The earlier you decide to buy a ticket, the cheaper it is. The cheapest flights are usually available 8 weeks prior to departure;
  • Flights booked for the middle of the week are always cheaper. Sometimes this rule also applies in the evening on Saturday and Sunday;
  • Flights with departure in the early morning / late night are usually cheaper;
  • As a rule, long distance flights with a transfer are cheaper than a direct flight;
  • Try another nearby airport. For example, a ticket to Miami will cost you a whole lot less if you land in Fort Lauderdale which is just 40 miles from Miami. Bus from Fort Lauderdale to Miami is really cheap and the trip takes less than 30 minutes. If you fly with a friend, your savings are doubled!
  • And of course, use aggregators to find cheap flights. For example, this website and iOS app contains flights from 729 airlines worldwide. Use the simple search form to select and buy the most suitable ticket at the best possible price!

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Levitra Samples For Free by Mail

By utilizing Viagra Best Buy’s website to obtain your generic Levitra, you have the option to get free Levitra samples before placing your order.

What is a generic drug? How is it similar or different to the branded version?

A generic drug is simply a drug that is not marketed under a specific brand name. In order to qualify as a generic, the medication must contain the same active ingredients, applications and formulation as the original, branded version of the drug.

Simply put, this means that a generic is identical to the branded original in everything but brand-name. Keep in mind that some scammers online may claim a medication is what it is not, so be sure to look over the active ingredient and ensure it is there. Luckily, you can order free Levitra samples by mail to see for yourself that they are high quality.

Getting Levitra samples for free by mail

The generic drug Vardenafil is also known as Levitra. Did you know you can sample Levitra for free, by mail, with no need for awkward and embarrassing visits to your doctor or pharmacy in person? You can try out different doses and types from home, protecting your privacy and maintaining autonomy over your sexual exploration. Here is everything you should know about getting Levitra samples for free by mail, from testing your pharmacy, to figuring out the right dose for you, to understanding and avoiding scammers.

Test your pharmacy. Get free Levitra samples before placing your order!

Before buying Levitra from an online pharmacy, try a free Levitra sample to see if it is for you. If you are wondering if the quality of the medicine matches the claims of the ad, simply try it for yourself. The great thing about this is that there are some scam artists online who offer fake or low-quality medications high in fillers and low in potency; but you can try the high-quality products to ensure the quality really is high before spending any money at all.

What do you need to do in order to qualify for a Levitra free trial?

Simply provide your name and mailing address so that the company can send you the free sample. You may need to provide your phone number in case there is a mix-up in the order or there was a misspelling in your address. In some cases, you might be asked for your email, to be used for the purpose of sending you future offers, coupons, or important and relevant information.

In addition, we recommend you be of at least 18 years of age, as this is the legal age for being prescribed and purchasing this type of medication. However, it is not required in order to receive a sample pack, and in some cases even for purchase.

In most of the cases you won’t even need a doctor’s prescription in order to get a Levitra free sample!

Most online pharmacies will not require a doctor’s prescription to acquire a free sample, and this includes your free Levitra sample. Visiting the doctor only to inform them that you are having difficulties getting an erection is not a very fun way to spend far too much money. It can be embarrassing and, of course, there is no privacy this way. However, with online pharmacies, 100% privacy is guaranteed; you can enjoy the high degree of anonymity that comes with ordering from home.

Additionally, prices will be drastically lower, there is a greater selection of medications offered, and you can sidestep the embarrassing conversation you would have with a doctor and others you would see at the office about your experiences and troubles in the bedroom. If you are satisfied with the quality of the product, you can make a purchase without needing a prescription.

Is it safe and/or reasonable to get a Levitra sample from a foreign online pharmacy?

You can enjoy a high degree of safety when ordering a free Levitra sample from a foreign online pharmacy. This is because the products are of such high quality they are offered for free, on the premise that you will love them. Due to the recent pressures and restrictions of the Global Brand Protection Program, name brand medications are facing protections from government agencies and even banks in a push to benefit Big Pharma and squash competition from generic pharmacies which offer the same high-quality product under a different name, but for a lower price. However, foreign online pharmacies which continue to offer high quality products for a lower price to customers allow customers to choose what they want from a product while trusting the reviews of others who have tried it too.

It is safe because Levitra is the same high-quality product as the name brand, and reasonable because of the price difference. Do not worry about how the restrictions affect you – we have tips for payment methods that enable you to receive your free sample and purchase (if you decide to make one) without interference from banks that wish to appeal to Big Pharma.

As long as you review customer feedback and make a selection based on positive reviews, you can avoid getting scammed with low-quality products and can enjoy high-quality Levitra with low prices and optimum levels of privacy.

A few tips before you order your first Levitra free sample

Here are a few tips to review before ordering your first Levitra free sample. Following these tips may save you time, money, and ensure safety because you can rely on wisdom others have already gained. No need to reinvent the wheel! Simply check user reviews, purchase a little at first if you like the sample, and place your trust in the ‘tried and true’ rather than ‘revolutionary new cures’ which can be scams. Additionally, keep track of what you are getting in your free Levitra sample packs and be sure you know what you are agreeing to before placing an order. We will go into these tips in more detail below.

Always look at the user reviews, even when getting your Levitra for free

The reason why you want to look at user reviews is to assure the quality of the product you are getting is genuine. Counterfeit products with unpredictable side effects are out there. Some of them have little to none of the active ingredient or something else entirely. However, customers who have already tried the product can let you know if it is “tried and true” so that you can not only save money on your free Levitra samples, but on subsequent purchases as well. Rest easy and have faith in what others have to say about the medications!

Don’t purchase a large number of pills, even after a successful trial

The unfortunate fact of some companies is that they may offer high-quality medications during the sample but will turn around and con you with low-quality medications once you make a purchase. We know this is not fair. One way to avoid this happening is to purchase a small amount from the online pharmacy you are satisfied with, perhaps a pack, and try that to see if the quality matches. If it does, then purchase more.

Here is why you should always prefer brand-name Levitra free samples or reliable generic ED medications to ‘revolutionary new cures’

The success of brand-name Levitra and the reliable generic versions has led many men to enjoy happy, fulfilling sex lives. There are people who want to take advantage of the eagerness of other men to also lead a wonderful sex life. These people are selling what they call ‘revolutionary new cures’ which are basically scams, filled with some combination of herbs, fake drugs and fillers. In these cases they know you will simply toss the pack in the trash when it does not work but they are only interested in getting you to make a purchase. Why bother making a purchase when you can simply trust the “tried and true”?

Be sure to pay attention to what you are getting in your free sample packs

Take note of the exact brand and the strength of the medication you are sampling. If it works well for you, then when you make a purchase, be sure to match up the brand and strength. If the strength is a little off, this leaves you with room to try something a little stronger, perhaps 100 mg instead of 50 mg. When trying a free Levitra sample, always start with the lowest dose possible, to avoid overdosing, and then work your way up from there if you need to.

Always check what you agree to when ordering your Levitra sample to protect yourself

This tip is intended to protect you against people selling you fake cures. The best way to protect yourself is to read the fine print, ensure you understand what you are agreeing to when you check boxes, and go over the checkout page thoroughly. For example, you may be asked to sign up for a newsletter or some other offer. This may be of use to you, or it may not be. If not, you would not want to receive emails that you would consider annoying, or lose your privacy in the process. For those who would benefit from the newsletter as intended, this is an acceptable trade-off. For some, though, their email may be viewed by others accidentally or on purpose, and it could be embarrassing or costly for the newsletter to appear in an email title.

Advantages of getting free Levitra samples

– You have the opportunity to see for yourself if the quality of the medications is up to your standards, without having to make a purchase first.

– Privacy is assured and there is no need to take time off work for an embarrassing and costly doctor’s visit. It is your choice when, or even if, you want to make a purchase.

– You can test the different strengths of Levitra for yourself without, again, having to visit a doctor multiple times or deal with the embarrassing hassle of visiting an in-person pharmacy to pick up the prescription. Your sexual exploration and discovery are entirely under your control.

– There is access to customer reviews and experiences as well as the ability to compare brands and pharmacies side by side to make the best possible choice and ensure you will not be scammed or overcharged.

If you are looking for social proof from other men who have already tried free Levitra samples and their happy partners, here are a few customer reviews for your reference.

Charles gave five stars, writing:

Hi! I’d like to share my Vardenafil testimonial. I’m 48 years old. I didn’t have a problem getting an erection, it just didn’t last long enough for me to finish. It was really frustrating and I started to avoid sex altogether. After reading Vardenafil Testimonials I decided to give it a whirl. Results are brilliant! I didn’t have any side effects.

Andy gave five stars, and wrote:

Here’s my Vardenafil or Levitra story. My marriage was falling apart because I couldn’t get an erection. My wife tried everything and then started to take it all personally. What a relief to discover that Vardenafil actually works for me. My wife’s happy again, and so am I!

Gillian left five stars, commenting:

Thanks! My husband used to use Viagra but the effects didn’t last long enough for either of us, so he changed to a Levitra generic – amazing results!

Jason awarded it five stars, and his review said:

I’ve been using Levitra for a few years. The main problem I have with it is price. Then I discovered generics at a fraction of the price and amazingly they work just as well. Now I can afford a holiday too!

Victor left five stars, and commented:

I’m only 26 but I’ve got a few medical problems and they’re responsible for me having trouble with my erections. It just doesn’t happen. I was feeling pretty despondent until I read vardenafil testimonials and decided it had to be worth a try. I saw my doctor first but it hasn’t given me any side effects despite my medical problems. Everything’s working very nicely now.

Other relevant information to know:

Our company is an online pharmacy based in India. We have over 147,000 satisfied customers.

Shipping, tracking and payment

All orders, including free samples, are shipped discretely to preserve your privacy. No references to medication or the pharmacy are included on the packaging. The package will appear to be like any other ordinary package.

Additionally, once your order has been shipped, we will email you a tracking number for your convenience. You can track the package all the way to your doorstep, and there is only a 0.2% chance of it getting lost in the post. In the very rare case that it does get lost, you can either opt for us to re-dispatch after 21 days or receive a full refund.

Information on making a purchase

If you like your free Levitra sample, you will want to be informed on the following before making a purchase. The status quo of online pharmacies is that Big Pharma wants to cut out all competition from generic (non-name brand) medications in order to promote and enforce a monopoly on higher priced name brand medications. Below we outline this issue as well as our solution for our customers.

What you need to know about the Global Brand Protection Program

Big Pharma is protecting name brand pharmaceutical medications in order to squash competition via the Global Brand Protection Program. They even have some banks participating which are rejecting credit card purchases from customers who purchase from online pharmacies that sell generic versions of the same brand name medication. PayPal blocked customers’ abilities to make purchases to online pharmacies outright five years ago.

One can see why this is not fair to the customer, who is simply making a more affordable choice, nor to the online pharmacy, which is simply fulfilling a need. This has affected our customers; 20% of our customers have had some problem or another when attempting to order with credit cards. Though Big Pharma is pretending that allowing banks to tell customers what they can and cannot purchase is “protection” for the customer, it is really protection for them. They want a monopoly on the industry whereby they can charge whatever they want and have no competition whatsoever.

Our solution: secure digital currency Bitcoin

We have a solution, though. If you pay with Bitcoin, you can save up to 30% off your order! Bitcoin, a secure digital currency, is free to use and enables instantaneous payments around the world, without adding in a middle man of a bank. It goes person to person and is thus ideal for the online world. It is more secure to pay with bitcoin than it is to pay with credit card and your payment cannot be rejected. With Bitcoin, you are provided with an account, and must first put money in to send money.


Cialis Samples For Free by Mail

By utilizing Viagra Best Buy’s website to obtain your generic Cialis, you have the option to get free Cialis samples before placing your order.

Most people know the amazing benefits of the drug Cialis. It has been used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) for millions of men all over the world, proving to be one of the most commonly used and effective ED medications on the market. However, the problem many people face is the prohibitive cost of the medication which prevents them from making a commitment upfront. Not sure whether the drug will work for them, and not willing to take the plunge without a guarantee, they remain stuck facing the same old ED problems that are so familiar to them.

What many people do not know is that they can get free Cialis samples mailed to their home, quickly and easily, and often without a prescription. Now, thanks to such offers being made available online, people everywhere can get access to this amazing drug, gaining full control over their lives and feeling confident in themselves.

How does the average individual get access to their own free Cialis samples, and what kinds of competing offers should they beware of to ensure they are getting the product they seek? The answer is not so difficult to find, and mostly a matter of arming yourself with the right knowledge. Take a look at the following guide to answer any questions you may have about getting your own free Cialis samples today.

Put your online pharmacy to the test — getting Cialis samples now

The first thing to understand about ordering medication online is the difference between generic and brand-name drugs. Most of the cheaper Cialis alternatives are generic, meaning they contain the same ingredients, same formulation, and same application as the original, but come under a different brand name. So what’s really the difference? Nothing at all. Many people use generic drugs because they are cheaper and work exactly the same as their counterparts.

If you are worried about the quality of a particular supplier, applying for free samples of their product is the perfect solution, allowing you to test the effectiveness before making a commitment with your wallet. The reason why online pharmacies make this offer is simple: in the competitive world of pharmaceuticals, companies are always working hard to gain your trust. Offering you a free sample is not only a good incentive to attract potential long-term customers, it is also a pretty good sign that the pharmacy is offering quality medication. If they are letting you test it out first, the results must speak for themselves.

So putting your chosen pharmacy to the test is definitely the way to go. While online reviews can be helpful, and general reputation can be a good indicator of quality, the ultimate test will always be your own judgment. Each individual body reacts to different medications in various ways, so gaining a direct understanding of the effects a generic brand Cialis will have on your system is key.

Qualifying for your mail-order Cialis samples

The best thing about sampling Cialis online is that there are very few qualification requirements to get started. In many cases, all you need is to be at least 18 years of age and have a mailing address. With all of the different online pharmacies competing for your business, it is not surprising that getting yourself set up with your own free Cialis samples is incredibly quick and easy. Most companies only require basic identification information including name, postal address, and occasionally email address and phone number. It is just the same as placing an order in one of the more popular online marketplaces, and in the same way, your pharmacy will want to get their product to you as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, the most important qualification is your own needs. If you find yourself suffering from erectile dysfunction and are looking for a cost effective way to find treatment, that is the best reason to get started on Cialis samples. The medication is low risk and widely available, so giving it a test run is a great idea.

In most cases, a shipping fee will come standard with your order, most often coming to a total of $29 to ship anywhere in the world. By the estimation of the millions of people who have benefited from the drug, it is a small price to pay for a life-changing solution.

Need a prescription for your Cialis sample?

Perhaps the greatest advantage of ordering free Cialis samples online is that you absolutely do not need a prescription in order to get started. Even if you live in a country that requires a valid prescription at a local pharmacy, ordering online will not. This is a major benefit to men who don’t want to speak directly with their doctor about obtaining Cialis, either for personal reasons or as a time convenience.

Ordering online is the only way to get free Cialis samples with 100% privacy and convenience. Information provided to reputable online pharmacies is completely secure. The medication is shipped directly to your door. Don’t hassle yourself with waiting rooms, awkward conversations with physicians, long and tedious trips to the pharmacy, and the constant fear that your private life will become public knowledge. Order online today and see just how convenient it is.

Ordering Cialis overseas — yes or no?

Short answer: yes. The wonderful thing about the web is that it connects people from all over the world, opening up new possibilities and offers that wouldn’t be available otherwise. It is one of the things that makes something like free Cialis samples possible. Connecting with a foreign pharmacy can often be a great way to find the best deal at the greatest convenience. However, just as with local online businesses, it is important to observe a few common sense rules when deciding who to give your business to.

The key is to treat it like any other product. Look for quality and quantity of customer reviews. Seeing what others have had to say in the past will give you a good idea of what to expect in the future. Even better, getting a recommendation from a separate online source can be helpful too, and give a slightly different perspective on the matter.

Another factor to consider is the history of the pharmacy. How long have they been around and how long have they been offering the drug you are looking for? If the information is not readily available on their website, getting in touch via email or phone is a good option.

Quick tips to consider before placing your order

So you know the hows and whys, but before taking the plunge and placing your order for Cialis samples, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will ensure the highest convenience, and most reliable success rate. There is a wide range of different companies out there making similar offers, so reading the fine print is important. If you know exactly what you are looking for beforehand, it will be that much easier to come out on top.

Yes, the whole point is to get access to a trial run of Cialis at a low money investment, so at the end of the day a failed trial run is not the end of the world. However, there are a few hidden costs that may be incurred if you are not careful. For starters, giving out your personal information online is never something that should be taken lightly. While it is safe to share such information with reputable suppliers, giving it out to others can lead to serious problems.

The other risk is simply wasting time. Some online offers will not work for you, so getting all the information upfront is the only way to make sure you are not barking up the wrong tree.

Pay attention to user reviews

As stated above, always check the site’s user reviews. The single most effective way to learn about a company’s history is to hear what its past customers have to say. This will safeguard against a few of the more common problems that come with trying out a new medication from an unknown pharmacist. The first being the quality of the medication itself. In reality, it is unlikely that online pharmacists will be sending out lower quality or counterfeit medication since it would be illegal for them to do so, but checking the quality and quantity of their customer reviews is the best way to make sure.

Aside from the medication quality, check to see what customers have to say about shipping time, customer service, or any other major factors you are interested in. Check to make sure reviews are current, within the last month or two at least and that most of them are positive. Look carefully at any negative reviews they may have — while a couple of dissatisfied customers is par for the course for most businesses, it may be a bad sign if they all have the same complaint.

Play it safe and take it slow

Once you have gotten your Cialis sample and have tried it out for yourself, you should know pretty quickly whether the medication is working for you. Cialis is actually one of the faster-working ED drugs available on the market, and should kick in within 15 minutes, and last for about four to five hours. If you are happy with the results, great, but it is important to remember not to get carried away. Starting out with a month’s supply should be plenty for the time being.

The reason to take it slow, even when shipping discounts may encourage you to stock up in a single go, is because it often takes time to understand the full effect a given medication will have on your system. Like all pharmaceuticals, Cialis has been thoroughly tested to ensure predictable results with each dosage. However, different side effects may be more prevalent in different individuals with different systems. Diet, sleep, physical activity and routine can all play a role in how it affects you, and taking a bit of extra time first is a good way to ensure that it will be the right choice for you in the long term.

Stick with trusted and tested pharmaceuticals

The name to remember when looking for name brand or generic Cialis is Tadalfil. While there are many alternative options on the market that will promise many of the same effects as Tadalfil, they may come with a range of different problems, or simply not work at all. Licensed pharmaceuticals go through a rigorous process of testing to ensure that they work the way they are intended to, don’t cause any harmful side effects, and work predictably all of the time for all people who use them. Any remedies that fall outside of this category are not able to make any promises about their effectiveness or safety.

In the best case scenario, alternatives to Cialis simply won’t work at all, and the only thing lost would have been your hard earned money. In the worst case, negative side effects can have a damaging effect on your overall health. Since it is difficult to regulate pharmacies that operate online, the only way to make sure you are getting a safe product is to stick with well-established medicines and reputable pharmacies.

The key benefit to sticking with name brand or generic brand forms of Tadalfil is security. You know what you are getting in each dose and you can rely on maximum privacy and no financial risk. Remember that anybody can market an alternative ‘home remedy’ as the real thing, without having any actual commitment to the results.

Pay attention to your dosage

A common dosage for Cialis is 20 mg, however, dosages coming in 2.5, 5, and 10 mg are also seen. Higher dosages tend to be for immediate action against erectile dysfunction. This is perhaps the most well-known way of using the drug as the effects are dramatic and long-lasting and it comes with the convenience of only needing to use it before anticipated sexual activity. Lower dosages may alternatively be taken once daily, to more generally reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Whichever option works best for you during your free trial, make sure to pay attention to your dosage, the amount of time the drug takes to start working, and any major or minor side effects that come along with it. The key to forming a good relationship with a new medication is consistency. Once you take the plunge and make your first order of Cialis, you will want to replicate the conditions that worked for you the first time.

Read the fine print

Most online pharmacies will have you fill out a short form in addition to the personal information you provide. Often, this will be to ensure that you understand the effects of the drug and the intended usage, and to protect the pharmacy from negative outcomes due to misuse. However, as with all things online, there is always the risk of a whole host of unwanted add-ons if you click submit without first reading the fine print. This might be as minor as a bit of unwanted email, or as major as an additional charge on your debit card. So the golden rule is to take caution, especially when providing personal information.

But aside from internet scams, it is always a good idea to be as well informed as possible, when starting on a new medication. Cialis works so well because it has been specially-designed to fit its specific purpose. Because of this its effects and side effects can be very complex. Getting the most information you can about the drug, as well as the company providing it to you, is the best way to stay on top of your game.

Why a Cialis free trial?

It all comes down to reaping the rewards one of the most effective and affordable erectile dysfunction treatments on the market. Cialis is proven to be effective, and has made a difference in the lives of millions of men and their partners all across the world. And now that there are so many online pharmacies offering free Cialis samples without a prescription, it is easier than ever to enact the try-it-before-you-buy-it mindset and get a taste before committing. There are many specific benefits to trying a free Cialis trial:

  • You have the opportunity to try different pharmacies, to see which offers the benefits that are most helpful to you.
  • You can test out varying dosages to discover which suits your lifestyle the best.
  • Stay private and secure, saving yourself from making a trip to the doctor or pharmacy.
  • See if Cialis is the answer for you, without having to commit monetarily.

ViagraBestBuy is a trusted supplier of Cialis for buyers in the United States, with over 147,000 satisfied customers. For instance, after using our generic Cialis, Felix from Houston told us:

I feel like I’m in my twenties again!

For a small shipping fee, we can mail 10 x 20 mg Cialis pills to your door. By placing an order today, you will put yourself on the road to totally renewed vigor, and confidence like you have never experienced before.


Viagra Samples For Free by Mail

By utilizing Viagra Best Buy’s website to obtain your generic Viagra, you have the option to get free Viagra samples before placing your order.

Erectile dysfunction (referred to as ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It is also sometimes referred to as impotence.

Occasional ED is not uncommon; it can come from a night of drinking, a stressful day at work, or a lackluster sexual appetite.

When it becomes a frequent problem, however, it can begin to interfere with your life, how your loved one perceives you, and how confident you feel about yourself.

Have you or a loved one experienced suffering from erectile dysfunction? First off, don’t be discouraged. Although it can be a frustrating, this often embarrassing occurrence can crop up at many points in a man’s life. Sometimes this medical inconvenience occurs because of stress or physiological issues, such as feeling inadequate in other areas of life – at work or at home. More often, it is related to a medical issue which makes it hard to obtain or maintain an erection.

According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 5% of men aged 40 and between 15% and 25% of men aged 65 experience ED on a long-term basis. According to studies, generic Viagra offers relief from erectile dysfunction in 87% of cases.

If you’ve decided enough is enough and have started researching your options, you may want to explore the option of a less expensive version of Viagra, a generic form which is available online by Viagra Best Buy, a generic pharmaceutical company based in India.

Here are suggestions, instructions and details on how to take the next steps in progressing to cure your erectile dysfunction at a low cost, and a risk-free trial.

There are many retailers offering erectile dysfunction meds online today. Some are more commonly known, and others are not. Some of these online retailers offer their product at comparable prices to pharmacies, some offer them at higher or lower prices. There is a variety of outlets online, and you may find those who have been around a long time offer the most credibility and best form of a product.

You may be asking yourself: with all of the options, how do I find the right online pharmacy for me? How will I know which is the most reliable for my needs? We think we know how to help you navigate through the waters of the online pharmacy world and help you to obtain your prescription in the most cost-effective, private way possible. As you read on, you will learn how to best identify the right place for you, questions to ask yourself along the way, and more.

First, make sure that a generic Viagra prescription will work for you.

Try free Viagra samples before you buy it

By utilizing Viagra Best Buy’s website to obtain your Generic Viagra prescription, you have the option to get free Viagra samples before placing your order. The company’s mission is to solve for ED issues as well as other health concerns and does not wish for you to purchase something that doesn’t work for you in the long term. It’s an easy way to try before you buy, by placing your 10 pack of free sample generic Viagra pills in your cart when visiting the website. There is a fee for high-quality shipping from India at $29.00. This is a small investment to make to progress towards your healthiest, sexual self by curing your ED for good. It is a great opportunity to confirm this medication will cure you of your medical condition before making a large purchase.

As we mentioned, Viagra samples are everywhere, ranging from high-quality to low-quality offers. Prior to ordering your first Viagra sample, make sure you follow these five key tips to keep your wallet and your health safe.

Always glance at the user reviews, even when getting your Viagra for free.

More often than not, free samples are a way to scam consumers into giving their address, email and information to the company for other reasons. The free sample may be of lesser quality or not the right prescription at all. By checking the user reviews, you can ensure that the product you’re investing in by paying for shipping is worth it.

Here is an example of a positive quality review you can hope to see from your website, from viagrabestbuy.biz

Do you have any idea how horrible it is to want to do something but to be physically unable to do so? Viagra solved my problem. Harry, Idaho

Don’t just go out and buy a truckload of pills, even if the trial has been successful

You may be ecstatic after curing your often uncomfortable medical condition over the past ten occurrences, but it’s important to consult your physician and make sure he or she feels this medication is not only working for you, but not creating any other issues in your life. Side effects of the medication may affect each person who takes it differently, and it’s important to make sure your health is your priority.

The most common response to a successful free trial is to be put on a monthly prescription, and frequently check in with your physician every few months to make sure you’re still in healthy condition under the new medication. If you choose to keep your prescription out of your doctor’s hand (which is possible, as you’ll read later), keep tabs on your own health as you continue to purchase your medication online, and ask your loved ones how they think your behavior is. Has it changed any? Does your health look like it’s on a decline? Have you remained the same in their eyes? These are important questions to make sure you keep tabs on your own health.

When you’re out shopping for your samples, always prefer brand-name Viagra free samples or reliable generic ED meds.

It’s tempting to wish to try and continue to receive a ‘revolutionary new cure’ claim from a website promising you the world. It’s so tempting when your struggling with a medical issue to click “YES!” to any miracle free drug offering out there. However, it’s important to stick with what you know. Viagra has built a name for itself in the business for many years now and the reputation came with hard work, positive reviews and impactful outcomes for those who take the medication. Please remember to prefer the brand-name over the cheaper version, as we all know, you get what you pay for, your health should not come at a discounted rate.

Look closely at what you’re getting in your free Viagra sample packs

Questions you should ask yourself upon receiving your sample include: do the pills look comparable to those you’ve seen in images online? Is the packaging sustainable and of good quality? Are the medical ingredients listed on the packaging? Are the active ingredients the same as the name-brand pill?

These are just a few questions you should ask yourself upon receiving a free sample. Your overall wellbeing in health is not something to take lightly at the opportunity of a free product. You will find the name brand Viagra samples will have you feeling confident about what you are taking for your ED.

While you’re protecting your health, protect your wallet as well. Always check what you agree to when ordering your Viagra sample. It’s common on many websites to be offered a free trial, but immediately enrolled in a monthly subscription-based ordering system. Double check your “check out” screen to ensure you are only paying for shipping and that there are no additional charges being added to your account without your knowledge. It’s important to also check that the credit card entry is secured when entering the amount needed to pay for shipping. If you are second guessing the security of your personal information, utilize a secondary pay service, such as PayPal. You can also Google this site and check for any evidence that the payment or free sample is up to your standards of health and personal identification safety. Be sure to read the fine print of the website, be careful of what boxes you may be checking, and any additional items you may inadvertently sign up for. While there’s a small chance of you agreeing to something additional, it’s helpful, as always, to read the fine print. If you’re interested, there’s usually an option to sign up for their partners’ newsletters, special offers, etc; however, for most of us, that’s more information in our inbox that we’d like to avoid. It’s also important to avoid signing up for these things to continue to protect your privacy, as you may receive a special offer for Viagra medications on your smartphone while in the company of others. This is entirely up to you to use your discretion as you wish. Once identifying a secure website, there are many advantages of getting free Viagra samples.

Many advantages to getting free Viagra samples

The first advantage is the ability to test the product without making a large financial investment. In addition to this, online pharmacies have additional advantages over the current local drug store you may be using. Utilizing online ordering after enjoying your free sample of the prescription drug allows you to receive your medication at a lower price and if you are in need of other medication, there is a wider selection of medicaments. There is also a 100% privacy, unlike your local drug store, where you may run into a friend of family member while filing your prescription. While ED is nothing to be embarrassed of, it’s nice to know you have complete privacy when filing your prescription.

What do you need to do in order to qualify for a Viagra free trial?

Luckily, you do not have to do much to receive your free sample of Viagra. There are no clinical trials, surveys, or hoops to jump through. You simply need to find the right internet pharmacy online and place your order. You will, of course, go through the normal process of shopping online, but this time for a prescription that can rid you of your most embarrassing, uncomfortable problem. You will provide your name, your shipping information and at times your phone number, then the method of payment for your shipping. When requesting a free Viagra sample pack, please be aware that, as Viagra is prescribed for people of legal age or above, you should ideally be 18 or above if you want to order it.

You won’t need a doctor’s prescription to get a Viagra free sample!

In fact, very few internet drug stores will ask that you present your RX when ordering your prescription, including the option of free samples. This is a most definitively a benefit as you can now not only avoid a co-pay cost, but a seemingly painful conversation with your doctor, which could include numerous tests and having to talk about your private bedroom life. In addition, you have an added benefit of privacy as you also will not have to run into anyone you may know at the doctor’s office. What a great place the internet is!

Since our leading online pharmacy started up four years ago, we have satisfied over 147,000 happy customers. Our firm has risen to prominence as one of the foremost, most trusted and leading online pharmacies in the industry. We succeed in our aim of supplying high-quality generic medications at extremely affordable prices through our suppliers in India. Our suppliers adhere to the highest quality standards and have an impeccable reputation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Of course, this condition is often overlooked when you’re purchasing meds from online drugstores, a vast majority of which don’t request you to provide your ID or doctor’s prescription when you buy Viagra. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you wait until you are of legal age before starting to experiment with your sexual function.

Is it safe to order a Viagra sample from an online pharmacy abroad?

As the large pharmaceutical industry in the US charges Americans more and more, the proverbial wool is being pulled over their eyes by the government and the monopoly of drug manufactures that advertise their overpriced medications while not disclosing the full level of their products. These manufacturers fail to protect their patients’ safety, yet they pretend to be helping you for the greater good. The pharmaceutical industry exists for only one reason: to allow their stakeholders to continue to grow richer. This large industry is protected by the FDA and while they (the FDA) pretend to regulate it, they are truly in it for the interest of financial gain, along with the stakeholders and the banks who are also invested in the industry.

What is the difference between generic and name brand?

What is our generic form of Viagra? It contains the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate (Viagra brand name) that is tested and approved by the FDA. All our medications (generic ED tablets) have been investigated and approved by the FDA in India and have gained international certification. We’re here to help you get the help you need, without the large cost.

Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied 147,000 customers – and counting! These individuals utilized our free samples, then continued to order their prescriptions online, saving time and money, and avoiding any awkward encounters at the pharmacy.

Don’t waste your money on the brand-name stuff. Get generic Viagra like I did. It works just as well!Kevin, Indiana

Hi! I’m from down south. My own Southern extremities weren’t working so well, but your generic Viagra has given me my Mojo back! Gary, Louisiana

In summary, you can be as confidential as you choose while ordering your free Viagra samples online. Without erectile dysfunction, you can feel confident, alive and without fault. You can wipe away your previous insecurities and continue to live confidently, in and out of the bedroom. You can obtain these samples without a prescription, as long as you are 18 years of age, but are welcome to also consult with your doctor if you choose. You will be able to remain confidential without the watching eyes of friends or family at the doctor’s office, or local drug store. It is highly likely, with the 87% success rate, that your ED problems will be solved with the help of generic Viagra, and you’ll be well on your way to a healthy, sexual life at home. You will also be able to save money on your prescriptions by ordering them at a low cost online.

We hope to help you to our free Viagra samples online. We look forward to serving your needs at a lower cost and more confidential website.


Finding the least expensive Viagra online

With brand name Viagra distributors dishing out their products at $25 a pill, many American men are in search of a cheaper alternative that will allow them to alleviate their erectile dysfunction (ED) when and where they need to. However, when looking for Viagra, the best price options will only be uncovered after an investment in careful research and with a little insider knowledge. The key is understanding how generic medications, patent law, and international pharmacies all play a role in the global pharmaceuticals market, and can affect your ability to save.

ED doesn’t have to mean the end of an otherwise successful love life. Millions of men all over the world have found relief in generic Viagra. And while a few barriers end up separating many from the solution they are seeking, new trends in e-commerce are opening new doors all of the time. The key to successfully incorporating a new pharmaceutical into your life comes from a combination of understanding the uses and benefits of the drug, knowing what potential problems to watch out for, and learning how to get your hands on it as cheaply and easily as possible.

Continue reading and discover a few important tips that will help you find the least expensive Viagra for ED relief without draining your bank account.

The history of Viagra and how it can help you

More than a quarter century ago, the Pfizer corporation produced a chemical compound called sildenafil citrate. Originally, their goal was to produce an effective medication for the treatment of different forms of heart disease, and although their new drug proved to be ineffective for this particular purpose, researchers quickly discovered that it could serve as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction in men. In 1998, when it became available across the world under the brand name Viagra, it immediately gained notoriety as the first effective treatment for those seeking a boost in their sexual performance.

Since then the sale of Viagra in the United States has been controlled by Pfizer’s original patent, which does not expire until 2019. This means that prices for this in-demand drug will remain strictly controlled by the company, and likely remain around its current $25 per pill price for sales in the US. All countries around the world have different patent restrictions that pertain to the sale of Viagra, and India is one of those that allow unrestricted sale of the generic version of the drug, for whatever price the pharmacy chooses.

In the early 2000s, the rise of the digital marketplace found a solution for American buyers who couldn’t afford the large price tag on brand name Viagra, by offering generic forms of the medication through online pharmacies in countries like India. For a fraction of the cost of the brand-name product and available completely without a doctor’s prescription, online shoppers were able to find a cost-effective solution to their ailments.

Today, the online pharmaceutical market is only growing and continuing to expand its benefits to Viagra buyers everywhere. Through expedient shipping, low prices, best selection, and the opportunity to obtain free trial samples, international sellers have found a definitive edge over their American counterparts. The only struggle today is bridging the gap between the US and foreign market, and educating this growing buyer base about all of the unique benefits.

About generic drugs – Finding the least expensive Viagra online

Generic drugs are formulated the same way as their brand name versions, and can be expected to have the same effect. Though generic Viagra is not available in the US, offshore pharmacies offer safe and reliable alternatives at the lowest possible prices. Although concentration may differ from pharmacy to pharmacy, any drug sold as sildenafil citrate is legally required to conform to a series of rigorous production standards.

How can I find the cheapest options of Viagra available?

Because of the popularity of erectile dysfunction medications, many of them are available through online pharmacies in India at up to 98% cheaper than in American pharmacies. However, the search for the absolute best prices will only end after thorough research into the many different options that are available. Luckily, there are a few tell-tale signs that a savvy Viagra buyer can watch out for. Although not all pharmacies will be able to offer you every single benefit on your wish list, it helps to prioritize and figure out what matters most to you. Think about which of the items from the following list will most affect your Viagra use.

  • Free Viagra sample – reputable sellers will always make it their priority to offer their product in as easy a way as they possibly can. For online pharmacies, one key tactic is offering free trial samples of Viagra to new customers who are looking for a try-it-before-you-buy-it experience. In many cases, customers can get their trial sample free of charge, and for only a small shipping fee. Different pharmacies will offer samples of varying sizes and strengths, so looking for an option that gives you the biggest bang for your buck is definitely in your best interest.
  • A top-notch online pharmacy – once you find a pharmacy you trust, getting consistent results becomes simple. One of the greatest benefits of buying Viagra through international pharmacies is the ability to compare benefits of competing companies. If shipping time is your core concern, you can pick out a company that ships quickly to your door. If the best customer service is your goal, look and see what each site’s online reviews say. In time, you will be able to narrow down your choices and end up with the very best available. Think about the following benefits when making your decision.
  • Certified and approved by the leading authorities in the industry – the best online pharmacies will let you know about all of their official certifications. Look for FDA approval to make sure you are getting a safe and reliable product. While track record and customer feedback can go a long way toward proving the quality of a drug distributor, getting the OK from the experts is always going to be a major reassurance for health-conscious buyers.
  • Fast Viagra shipping to the USA – don’t bother with pharmacies that leave your order hanging for weeks on end. Find a professional distributor who will be able to ship you their product in just a couple of days. While shipping times will vary depending on the part of the world your pharmacy is located, most companies will be able to get your order to you in just a few weeks. Also, businesses that offer expedited shipping are a bonus, as the extra cash is often worth it, if it means saving time.
  • Keep track of your shipments – today it is more common than ever for international businesses to offer tracking on shipments that allow their customers to know where exactly their purchase is. With just a few simple clicks, companies can offer all of the important information about shipping for anyone that needs to know.
  • Guaranteed privacy – maintaining the privacy of our personal lives is a priority for many people, and the best generic Viagra suppliers understand this. Discreet packaging and billing information keeps all purchases secure and under wraps, meaning buyers won’t have to worry about nosy neighbors.
  • Without a prescription – although it is often wise to consult with a doctor before taking a new medication, those that want to avoid a potentially awkward conversation with their physician need not worry. Many international pharmacies don’t require a prescription for Viagra. It all comes back to simple philosophy, which is that the customer is the best judge of their medical needs.
  • Verified reviews only – e-businesses that are confident in their product don’t need to stock their customer feedback page with fake reviews. Quality pharmacies let their customers be heard, and let the quality of their medication show through. While a few negative reviews are nothing to worry about, one should definitely beware of sites that have clearly fake reviews.
  • Secure payments – a reliable online merchant is one that is able to guarantee the most secure transactions possible. This is another factor that can be checked through customer reviews, or else look for advertised security systems the website has in place. Online businesses that take pride in their security features will usually find a way to communicate them loud and clear to their buyers.
  • A good refund policy – trustworthy pharmacies understand that buyers looking for generic Viagra online [viagrabestbuy.biz/shop/buy-cheap-viagra-pills-online-100mg-x-200-tablets/] only have one thing on their minds: finding the highest quality product for the best price. So, it stands to reason that if the pharmacy is proud of their product, they will have no fear in offering a generous return policy. In the best case scenario, your medication will only be taking a one-way trip, but it always pays to have a backup plan.
  • Viagra best price – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that nearly every generic Viagra seller will claim to have the lowest prices available, but a bit of web browsing will quickly reveal whether or not these claims are substantial. When comparing prices, make sure to factor in all of the hidden costs like shipping and processing.
  • Returning customer benefits – many offshore pharmacies will offer loyalty benefits to customers who buy in bulk or make frequent orders. You might not have a clear idea about how much of the medication you will be going through right off the bat, but after a few shipments, saving an extra $25 or so will go a long way.
  • Other freebies – some companies will offer free pills with every order, while others will offer discounts on shipping. Depending on your own situation, one benefit might end up making more of an impact than another, so thinking carefully about which suits you best is key.
  • Reputation – Viagra users who have experienced success will often want to share their story with the people who made it possible. Scan your seller’s website for testimonials or in-depth customer reviews that can shed some light on their past success. Viagra in all its forms is proven to be effective on 96% of men, so any provider has a pretty high standard to match.
  • Easy checkout – don’t waste your time with confusing payment processes, or difficult to navigate web layouts. Many online pharmacies today base their checkout system off majorly successful distribution giants like Amazon, making most buyers feel right at home with their interface. If this is an online destination you plan on visiting again in the future, make sure it is one that feels intuitive and enjoyable.

About Viagra

Making a good decision when shopping for the best priced Viagra on the market also means having an in-depth understanding of the drug, including how it works, what it can be used for, and any potential side effects that users may experience. It is important to remember that Viagra has been a pharmacy staple for over 25 years, so it comes with a large body of reliable data that can help guide potential users.

How does Viagra work?

Some people believe that Viagra is designed to stimulate feelings of arousal in users, but this is a misconception. In actuality, the drug allows individuals who experience erectile dysfunction to achieve and sustain an erection. In males who experience healthy arousal, the erectile tissue in the penis gives off a chemical enzyme which is called cyclic guanosine monophosphate. This compound relaxes the muscles within the penis and allows additional blood to circulate more freely, stiffening and elongating the tissue.

Choosing the right dosage

While generic medications are formulated to work in the same way as brand-name drugs, there is a spectrum of different formulations and strengths that are available. Pills and capsules come in standard sizes of 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg, which will all have differing ranges of effect on different individuals. When trying Viagra for the first time, the safest and most reliable method is to start with a 25 mg dosage and work your way up. Once you find the strength that suits your needs best, do not take a stronger dosage. When switching between different brands of Viagra, check the concentration of the new brand to see if it matches up with the brand you are used to. It is often wise to return to a lower dosage when switching to a new brand.

Incorporating it into your sex life

Make sure to read the instructions on the package first, as the supplier should take responsibility for informing their customers on proper usage. This label will be able to warn you about potential side effects and other dangers associated with the drug. Generally, pills should be taken a half hour before sex and work best on an empty stomach. Viagra should not be used by those who do not experience erectile dysfunction, and should never be used more than once a day. If you have questions about your dosage or about proper usage, consult your doctor. Individual medical background or additional medications may affect Viagra use.

What to watch out for

Most of the side effects associated with Viagra are not serious. Mild back pain, headaches, or sore stomachs are experienced by some users. In rare cases, heart arrhythmia, vision impairment, allergy symptoms, or an erection that lasts longer than five hours may afflict some users. In these cases, it is important to get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible.

Should I talk to my doctor before use?

Ordering Viagra online does not require a prescription, although many users still find a consultation with their doctor valuable. Your physician will be able to key you in to any existing health problems that can affect Viagra use, as well as recommend a dosage that is most appropriate for you. One of the main reasons some men prefer to order their Viagra online is to avoid sharing their personal details with a doctor, or needing to make an in-person visit to the pharmacy. If you feel strongly about this, an online purchase of Viagra will be ideal for you.

Starting today

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men across the world, making Viagra one of the most popular pharmaceutical supplements sold on the market today. If price and accessibility are the only things holding you back, turning to offshore pharmacies is likely the best solution for you. Skip the doctor visit, the trip to the pharmacy, and the outrageous costs by choosing a web-based supplier to fill your needs.

Now that you have armed yourself with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, it is only a matter of selecting the best pharmacy from the long list that exists online. Customize your own personal checklist to find out which factors matter most to you, and then seek out the company that matches your needs best. With an entire world of generic Viagra online suppliers at your fingertips, you won’t face a shortage of options to choose from.